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well I was boarn in 1993 and growing up in the mid and late 90's I have a lot of memories sitting infront of the brain melting box known as the television both playing videogames, watching cartoons and watching music videos.

this is a list of some of my favorite shows growing up that I will still sit down to watch again on my old vhs tapes playing on my old cruddy CRT-tv.

First: The Rugrats
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This was probably one of the logest running shows on this list starting at 1991-2004. obviously I only watched the first 4 or 5 years on re-runs but every day I would tune in to watch the wild anticts of tommy and his freinds. this show was also probablty the reason why I never trusted any of my sisters when they were babys thinking that they would go off on some crazy adventures with out me. The main reson why I love this show is because I effectivly grew up with these charicters (the spin of series all grown up was aired in my early teenaged years) and I formed close bond with each of these chariters with tommy being the kid I wished I was (brave and bad ass) and chukie being the chariter I related to most due to me being easily scared and of almost any thing and angelica reminded my of a few of my aunts (that sounds bad dosen't it) but just every time I feel deperesed I put on rugrats and It takes me back to that special part in my mind that reminds me of more inocent times. (Like randal in clerks 2 with the go-carts)

Now for number 2: Ed, Edd 'n' Eddy
(It fist aired in 1999 so it counts as a 90's show)
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another long running show spanning from 1999-2009 (4 years shorter than the rugrats) an is an other show that I realte to the chariters because I grew up with them and each chariter I can se as one of my freinds (both going up and now) witch the chariter jhonny 2x4 because I was the anoying kid that nobody cared about (stil the same today) and is the only show that I can say I watched from the first day it aired to the movie and watched allthe episode and specials over 10 times each (not an over exageration) and it is also one of the best cartoon network shows ever produced and I will take that to the grave (I thought it was better than billiy and mandy but JG Quintel is making a name for him self with the Regular show) but the main reason why it kept me hooked so long was because it stood out from alot of the other crazy mad caper shows that were airing at the time and gave a simple plot with was get money and get jaw breakers (could possibly translate to a drug habbit in eddy's latter life) but all the episodes start simple (with lemonade) and then start building up into more crazy "scams" but the younger me would veiw any thing as plausable. But to me the show ending was both sad and fitting because it started getting worse in the later episodes of season 5 and season six sadly only had one episode but the film finnised the season.

now for the third: Animaniacs
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Started 1993 ended 1998 (Its as old as me)
Now well regarded by some as one of the greatest show of all time and I would agree but I watched more of its spin off pinky and the brain however I would watch both shws simultanously and yakko was my favorie out of the animaniacs because of his song listing each of the countries of the world witch made me atempt to learn the song to impress my freinds (but they would have made fun of me and told me to learn the Pokérap like every one else) however I related more to pinky and the brain straingly enough (mainly because that was one of the nick names me and my aunt had but I was brain) and I also went through a "professor chaos" phase (trying to take over the world) however I never got passed the planning stage.

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well the end of part one tell me what you think bellow in the comments (bad or good comments are apreceated but no trolling) and also recomend some shows that you think I should talk about.

Shows I already plan to talk about are:
Dexter Laboratory
Power Puff Girls
Ren and Stimpy
Bevis and Butt-Head*
South Park
Rocko's modern life
Hey arnold
AARAH real monsters