Okay, these are the saddest songs in animated movies. It's pretty self-explanatroy, so grab your tissues and go! (I don't know how to get the videos up so if anyone knows please tell me for now just please copy and paste the youtube codes into your search bar)

10.Love Survives-- All Dogs Go To Heaven (1989)


I only rank this low on the list because it's only truly a sad song if you understand the sentiment behind it. This song was dedicated to Judith Barsi, the little girl who voiced Anne-Marie. She was murdered by her father a year and a half before this movie was finished in her memory. This song was written as a final farewell to Judith leaving the cast and crew of All Dogs Go To Heaven. RIP Judith Eva Barsi (1978-1988)

9.God Help the Outcasts-- the Hunchback of Notre Dame (1996)


Esmerelda is a charachter I can relate to well. I also truly wonder why some people are hurt the way they are for being different. This song is truly powerful and is only ranked kinda low because it's not tearjerking for me.

8.When She Loved Me-- Toy Story 2 (1999)


Jessie is a charachter who I can truly relate to, high energy, outgoing, but with a deffonitely sad or traumatic experience. I can completely sympathize with losing someone. However, in this case it's more like being thrown away. It's the idea of being truly rejected here. I swear, I will never give away my favorite stuffed puppy, especially after hearing this song.

7.Somewhere Out There-- an American Tail (1986)


This is a song with pretty simple subject matter. Simple as that, being lost and lonely. This movie's pretty sad either way and a song that pretty much sums up Feivel and Tanya's emotions sure gets the point accross.

6.If We Hold On Together-- the Land Before Time (1988)


This song needs no visuals to be sad. This song truly sums up the movie so well with it's themes of hope and inspiration. This song truly is words of wisdom for everyone.

5.Wherever You Are-- Pooh's Grand Adventure (1997)


Similar to "Somewhere Out There" this song is just about lonliness and missing someone. I guess the thing that makes this song so sad is because Pooh never gets this sad. He's always such an optomist. I always cry a little when Rabbit wraps Pooh up in the map like its a blanket. I guess nobody wants Pooh to be sad.

4.Someone's Waiting For You- the Rescuers (1977)


This movie tends to be easily forgotten and some people only remember this depressing song. Poor Penny, she really needs parental love! This song truly makes me feel sorry for her. Also, tears are commonly shead here

3.Bright Eyes-- Watership Down (1978)


This song says it straight up, everyone's dead and we should pay our respects. It also deals with surreal concepts of what death truly is. Honestly, it seems much more associated with wittnessing a death at close range. It's truly a sad and powerful song.

2. Deliver Us and When You Believe-- Prince of Egypt (1998)

Deliver Us

When You Believe

This is a truly powerful movie about the plight of the Isreali slaves. I couldn't possibly pick just one sad song from this masterpiece. The opening and closing of this movie are both truly powerful. The strong faith of the slaves who these songs are centered around, is enough to bring small tears to my eyes. In "Deliver Us" I love Ofra Haza's voice and in When You Believe the children's chorus is incredibly powerful. I can't understand hebrew but it still dosen't lessen it's power.

1.Baby Mine- Dumbo (1941)


This song is DEPRESSING. Pretty, yes but just so sad. I can't listen to this without tearing up a tiny bit. When I consider how Dumbo can't sleep next to his mommy when everyone else can the first thing I think is that it's not fair.

So here ya go, I don't think I forgot anything. I hope you like it because I really tried to get good ones here. Sorry I cheated with Prince of Egypt, come on anyone who's seen that movie gets it. Please comment if you cried!