I was born in 1992. I spent a lot of time with my sister and my grandma (RIP) all through the '90s. The vast majority of movies I saw in theaters were with them. Let's check them out! I'm only doing one per year because then this article would be WAY too long if I didn't. These are also generally flattering reviews.

Toy Story (1995)
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This was the first movie I ever saw in theaters. I was three at the time. I loved it then and I'll always love it now. It's not only the first entirely CGI animated movie ever made, it's also a classic and the start of the Pixar company. I could ramble about the nostalgia quality of this movie but I'll spare you here. The main things that make it a timeless classic are not only the likeable charachters of Woody and Buzz. Also, the great supporting cast like the Aliens, Ham, Bo Peep, Rex and Mr. Potato Head. Then Sid is deffonitely one of the greatest animated villians of all time! (this was the second highest grossing film that year and it has 100% on Rotten Tomatoes)

Matilda (1996)
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This is another great movie. It's hard to say if it's truly a "kid's movie" but it's a good kid friendly movie at least. I give this movie credit for staying true to the book it was based on. I also found Matilda very relatable and I always wished I could do all the brave things she did. I also found the psycho principal to be threatening enough to be convincing.

Anastasia (1997)
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This movie is a slightly guilty pleasure. I say that because of the inaccurate history aspect but either way this movie that is not Disney is great for what it is. Nobody was expecting a Don Bluth movie to be this good after his tragic efforts of the early '90s. Everything from the supporting cast, animation, and of course music makes this movie awesome.

the Rugrats Movie (1998)
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I also loved the TV show back in the day. I'd watch it every night with my dad and my sister! Considering the TV show the movie's kind of dissappointing. It's a good movie to keep children entertained but I feel sorry for my parents because I watched this so much. Also, the scene where Dee-Dee gives birth was the first time I ever questioned the existance of the stork. Keep in mind I was six.

Pokemon: the First Movie (1999)
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Of course being a little kid in the late '90s there was the Pokemon craze. I still love but I'm not here to talk about my fandom of Pokemon. I'm here to talk about the first movie! When I first saw it advertised I was truly excited and insisted on getting seeing it on the opening day. Note how the poster says November 12th. It came out November 10th instead. I don't know why that happened but I was bummed about not seeing it the opening day. Of course, I loved it when I was little but the way I see it now is that if you want original Pokemon watch some episodes.

So here's my early childhood in movies! I hope you liked it and even if not all these movies hold up well for the future it was always fun going to the movies for me.