In '99, I started reading the series called 'A Series of Unfortunate Events'. It was a really great series, and it is still going on. This series was about three ingenious kids named Violet, Klaus, and Sunny. After their mansion was burnt down and they lost their parents, they had to live with many different relatives, but mainly ran away from the dreadfull Count Olaf.

Violet was the oldest, being about 15, and she was my favorite character . She would invent these things that I would have never thought of. She looked extremely like me in the movie, 'A Series of Unfortunate Events', so many times I would be mixed up with Emily Browning. Anyway, she was the best.

Klaus was the middle child, being about 13. He was a reader, and they said in the movie that he had read more books than a man could read in three lifetimes. He was a nice kid really.

Sunny was the youngest child, being only an infant. She loved to bite hard things. She had a very strange vocabulary that only Violet and Klaus could understand.

Count Olaf was their evil gaurdian. He tried to kill the orphans so he could get the enourmous fortune left behind from their parents. He is really a big jerk.

Lemony Snicket is the author of the series. There will be exactly 13 books come the day of October 13, 2006. He has been retracing and recording everything that the Baudelaires have done and been through.