Looking back, I remember in my child hood when my mom would make cakes or fudge she would give me the mixing bowl to eat what was left. Those were some fun times I would have.I've come across that a lot of candies brought back a lot of memories for me and thought that I would share them with you. Maybe you guys have your own little memories of your own that will spark with these few candy treats!

I couldn't get enough of these two cookie sticks smothered in caramel and chocolate. I would usually split it with a friend until I discovered that I wanted to have more. I would always be on the go, whether it was on my bike or walking with friends. We would stop and grab a Twix bar and a bottle of Yoo-hoo to go. Where ever we went we would be full of energy and bouncing off the walls. It was always a good day when you had yoo-hoo and twix with your adventure.

Given that this candy bar alone was before I was born, I just remember the old commmercial with the animation and the song, with a catchy pop-like feel. I ate one when I was visiting my aunt in Florida when I was 8. I ate half of it and left it in the car; in 80 degree weather. Long story short, it was found on the floor with melted chocolate oozing from the rapper. I didn't have another one until I was 18. They aren't bad but I just don't prefer them. Everytime I see one, the little jingle starts playing in my head: "Sugary, chocolaty, munchy, crunchy."

Wax Lips
OH MY! I loved these things when I was growing up. My dad would run to the pharmacy (I think it was called Hooks Pharmacy) and he would always bring me home some wax lips. I would prance around in my footies with these huge red lips. A lot of people would say it wasn't suppose to be eaten but in acutality it was. It taste like peppermint to me but some say it was a cherry flavor. You would chew it like gum but when it became soft of your teeth felt weird with the build up of wax, you would have to spit it out. They only seemed to last for half a day because you would ge tired of playing with it so you would just eat it and spit it back out. I haven't seen any of these since I was twelve.

M&Ms (regular, peanut, peanut butter, crispy)
I can't get enough! Little morsels of candy-coated chocolate that melt in your mouth and not in your hand as the commercials always stated. These things were in everything when I was a kid; ice cream, cookies, shakes, malts, and I ever came across cakes from the Easy Bake Oven that were in shapes of M&Ms. My favorite of all was the cripsy ones. Yeah, they came out later but they were always good with a cup of milk; my own little moment in time where everything was not chaotic.

Crunch Bars!
These weren't as popular where I was but whenever the store had them in stock, I would go ape! The chocolate bar with crispy pieces remind me of going with my mom to a bigger super market (she called it "the big store in the sky". Since I lived in a small rural town, we had nothing like that so we would have to drive to the next city to go shopping.) After having 2 carts full of food and needed things for the next couple of months, we would end the day with getting Crunch bars. I like the tin foil it use to have on it and when you pressed on it, the impression from the candy would be imbedded in the foil. I love playing around with it, then just rip it apart and eat the chocolate.

That's just a few memories from the candy I grew up with. I know there are millions of other ones as well but these particular candies and chocolate bars always bring a smile to my face. Now when I walk down a sidewalk and get that summer breeze smell, it will always remind me of walking in my home town with that twix and yoo-hoo in my hands. Those were the days that I'll always dream about.

What were some of your favorite candies? Did they contibute to any good memories that you would love to re-live again?