Hey everyone. This year is the anniversaries of two of my favorite video game characters: Mario (who turns 30 this year (and yes, I consider Donkey Kong to be his true debut game)) & Sonic (who turns 20 this year). While both characters kick ass, I've decided to focus on Sonic (since his debut game was the first video game I ever played). Rather than write about the best Sonic games (Sonic 1 through Adventure 2, Sonic 4:Episode 1, and Colors), I'll be focusing on the game that was to have been the blue blur's answer to Super Mario 64 (without a doubt one of the greatest, if not THE greatest, 3D platforming game ever made). I'm of course talking about one of the greatest games never made.

Sonic X-treme
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Sonic X-treme is the game that Sega expected to be the Sega Saturn's killer game, as well as Sonic's 3D debut. Though this time around, Sonic Team wouldn't be creating the game (they were busy creating the Saturn cult classic, NiGHTS Into Dreams). The duty of creating the new 3D platformer was sent to the Sega Technical Institute (Sega's American development team who worked alongside Sonic Team in developing Sonic 2- 3 & Knuckles). Helming the project would be Comix Zone creator Mike Wallis.

Professor Gazebo Boobowski and his daughter, Tiara (she was to have been Sonic's love interest in the game), guard the Six Rings of Order. Both fear that a certain evil fat scientist will steal the rings, so they both call on Sonic to get the rings before Dr. Robotnik does. No sooner after sending the message, Robotnik invades in his Death Egg and locks up the Professor. Now Sonic has to not only get the rings, but rescue the professor
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Some storyboards for an opening FMV and possibly the only known concept artwork for Professor Boobowski

Alongside a modified spin dash, X-treme was to have very unique additions to Sonic's attack roster
SpinBash - A modified spin dash
SpinSlash - A mid-air, 360° attack
Ring Throwing - Lose a ring to hurl at an enemy (Tails would eventually have this type of attack in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006))
Power Ball - An attack designed to strike straight down on enemies below
Super Bounce - A higher jump, though harder to control
Ring Shield - An instant shield, at the expense of rings
Sonic Boom - A 360° attack used alongside the ring shield