My first Typed review.

Some Bad words are used.

In a small village, somewhere in France, German soldiers, killed and thrown into the lake by the Resistance during WW II, come back.

Release date(s): 1981

Region: France

Price: used for £2:50

age rating: 18

Directed by
Jean Rollin (as J.A. Laser)
Writing credits
(in alphabetical order)
Julián Esteban story (as Julius Valery)
Jesus Franco writer (as A.L. Mariaux)
Howard Vernon ... The Mayor
Pierre-Marie Escourrou ... German Soldier (as Pierre Escourrou)
Anouchka ... Helena
Antonio Mayans ... Morane (as Robert Foster) Nadine Pascal ... Helena's Mother
Youri Radionow ... Chanac (as Youri Rad)
Burt Altman
Gilda Arancio ... Blonde Girl Swimmer
Marcia Sharif ... Katya
Yvonne Dany
Jean Rene Bleu
Jean Rollin ... Stiltz
Edmond Besnard ... Promizoulin
rest of cast listed alphabetically:
René Douglas
Julián Esteban
Alain Petit
Jean Roville
Claude Sendron

Rating:1/5(I'm being generous)

now for some pictures:

article image
Title from English DVD

article image
Your average stupid bitch that don't read warnings

article image
bad placement for set piece as it blocks the nude bitch

article image
our first Nazi Zombie

article image
Oh No (He kills the naked bitch after this)

article image
Second kill looks like rape

article image
Blood cleans off make-up and Nazi Zombies leave no bite marks

Well that's it I cant bear to infect you with any more of this film, lets just say most of the women die and a young girl leads he zombies to the slaughter with blood? and yes I had no idea what was going on. I gave up after the Klan showed up.

article image
What the fuck!?!?!?

Now I feel cheated out of money AND I watched this whole movie twice but at a fun time of 83 Minutes I lost a total of 166 Minutes of my life. ONLY watch it if you are REALLY curious. I mean REALLY REALLY REEEAAALLY curious.