please be advise this is from my persoanl experience and my memories and my opinions of how the media acts in todays world.

I gues I should start with what got me into cartoons even in todays world. the very first channel I ever watched growing up was the disney channel. and for those of you who may remember , the disney channel had some pretty good shows back then from the late 1980's through mid 1990's. with shows like Duck Tails , Darkwing Duck , Tailspin , Gummy Bears , The New Adventures Of Winnie The Pooh , and so many more.

the disney channel also had some shows that not many people remember including a show loosley based on Alice In Wonderland simply called Adventures In Wonderland and yes even a long forgotten Dumbo live action tv show.

it was also during those times I was introduced to a canadian channel called Nickelodeon. ah yes the first channel I was obsessed in watching and probably remember most shows of from the early 90's. they had it all. many really awesome game shows like Guts , Double Dare , Legends of the Hidden Temple , Wild and Crazy Kids , What would you do? , and so many more. they also had comedy shows like All That and Kenan & Kel. and who couldnt forget the classic early nicktoons like Ren & Stimpy , AAAHHH Real Monsters , Rockos Modern Life , Doug , and yes those annoying Rugrats.

saturday morning cartoons was a must back then and just using a vhs tape to tape them kept me waking up early every saturday morning trying not to miss my shows that were on.

I also seem to remember the early transition into what was known back then as Fox Kids. some shows I can remember include my mom's old favorite Bobby's World and Eek the Cat. other than that they had mostly really good comic book shows back then. which in the early 90's comic books were in their golden years.

Fox Kids had the classic X-men & yes the cool Spider-man with my favorite episodes featuring my favorite marvel character Venom , and yes they even had short lived tv shows based on Iron man & Fantastic 4. but of course the greatest comic book show from the early 90's was Batman The Animated Series. the classic tv series was sometimes dark and had some depressing material that the tim burton films were known for.

soem shows that later went into the kids! wb aka WB channel were mainly the comedy shows by steven speilburg like Tiny Toon Adventures & Animaniacs. boy they were funny.

during the early 90's I was sincked into Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. but hey , who wasent? we had a lot of the merchandise and while I didnt get to see the films in theaters , I did get to see them on vhs and they are classics in my book. well , maybe just the first 2. the 3rd and yes the 2007 film were pure crap.

during the mid to early in the late 90's , cartoon shows were getting a little bit weird with Tenage Mutant Ninja Turtle rip off in my book called Street Sharks , and some of the cartoon shows from 1995-1997 based on video games really did suck. the animated Street Fighter in american is poor compared to the real anime version I later saw on Sci-Fi Channel last year. even the tv show Mortal Kombat Defenders of the Realm felt like MK was made by disney. I mean dear god how is it that an M-rated video game known for an extreme amount of gore made it into a cartoon with no fatalities and poor tie in's to the first film and trying to act like its sequel when clearly to many people the sequel sucked. but I will get to that subject some other time.

the mid 90's didnt really have much to offer for kids shows since they also continued to make shows loosely based off of films & video games that since to this day hasent made it into the dvd market. like for example I remember a show based on the film Jumanji which I never liked very much either and video game tie ins like Double Dragon and Donkey Kong Country which had nothing to do with the original games. even good shows based on video games like Earthworm Jim never made it to dvd and most people dont really remember it came out.

from that time period my family was finally able to get Cartoon Network which had some pretty damn good shows. but nothing too memorable in my eyes with the exception of Space Ghost Coast To Coast.

it wasnt until 1998 when the kids! wb years started with Pokemon , which to be honest at least in my area , started on upn for some odd reason and then later made its way into Kids! WB. Pokemon was officially the first anime I ever got into and a major favorite show from my middle school days. even the first pokemon film has had a huge impact on my life in which I hope to share with all you nostalgic fans.

Kids! WB also introduced me into what I now consider my most favorite batman media ever : Batman Beyond. I love this show. it was dark and futuristic. and it even broguth in villains I enjoy more than the old classics. I think my favorite episode was with the return of Mr Freeze. man his outfit kick so much ass that it made his freezing gun into a freezing arm. and since the old suit looked more like a tube and retro clothes , the new suit was mixed with heavily armor in black and dark blue. pure awesomeness.

my other favorite episodes of Batman Beyond deals with Inque who in a lot of ways is a female Venom.

it was also during these golden years of Kids! WB that introduced me to a little show called Cardcaptors. funny thing is that it was my friend at the time David Cadigan aka DC that introduced me into Cardcaptors.

to this day , I remember my very first cartoon crush I have ever had was from the character Madison Taylor aka Tomoyo Daidouji in the CCS version. she stole my heart for a strong 5 year period when I learned about the truth behind her character in the real japanese uncut versions. which at that point I judge my fandom and my position as a fan has since been a debate since the show is over and the dvd's are no longer available. Cardcaptors came and went and for me at least , it may never come back into my life because of the true nature of Tomoyo.

during the kids! wb period I was a fan of Yu-Gi-Oh! but in a very mood swing type way. I have alwasy loved the cartoon but always hated it for the damn cards and the Yugi character always saying " I am going to save the world " and " its my destiny " and it annoys me to death. I guess during this period there were many shows trying to either copy or at least attempt to better pokemon , which lets face it people it will never happen. near the mid 2000's we saw the rise of the 4kids entertainment take over , Kids! WB and the WB channel loosing its rights and becoming CW , the rise of Adult Swim and the anime becoming more mature , and cartoon network makings its major comeback.

Cartoon Network had major good animes from the early to late 2000's with Full Metal Alchemist & Inuyasha and even Ghost In The Shell. it seems like they had a new anime out ever year and almost every month in some cases. and while the 1990's had adult shows like The Simpsons , Beavis & Butthead , King Of the Hill , and Futurama , the 2000's brought in new and more popular shows from Fox like Family Guy , American Dad , and yes the brand new Cleavland Show. all 3 of these shows were made by Seth McFarlane.

Adult Swim also brought in new shows that some are still new today like Aqua Ten Hunger Force , Sealap 2021 , Robot Chicken , and many other shows.

however , with kids! wb literally gone , 4kids entertainment releasing wave after wave of crappy shows , Nickelodeon still to this day keeps releasing bad cartoons and overly exhausted new episodes of Fairly Odd Parents & Spongebob Squareants , and the downfall from good disney cartoons to really gay and stupid disney shows that markets on nothing but poor cartoons , constant Pizar films that all look and act the same , and yes those annoying disn ey pop stars that honestly we really dont need, its like creativity and the pure spirit of saturday morning cartoons and yes kids shows as we know it to me is dead.

saturday morning cartoons has no meaning , cartoon network doesnt have any concrete good shows anymore , Nickelodeon has gone from good old fun to just why even bother , and with old franchises like Spongebob Squarepants , Pokemon , & the Simpsons that continues to be new , they all have been around way too long and they need to die off now more than ever.

anime over the years has at least gotten way better but also anime was almost dying off too before funimation rescued some of geneons titles from being lost. but even that wont save anime shows since the decline of new anime shows has gone down this year alone.

last year we saw as far frm what I have heard a major moe trend that tends to focus on Clannad , Toradora , and some other anime shows I havent seen like Shugo Chara which looks werid and far worse by compariosn to the ever awesome Rozen Maiden series.

it was during the years from 2006-2007 when I was introduced to 2 of my top most favorite animes : Shakugan No Shana , and my all time favorite Rozen Maiden.

it was also after I got out of high school I started to like things I originally either hated or felt hesitate to watch which included both The Matrix and the 1951 Disney Film Alice In Wonderland. which to this day is the ONLY Disney film I actually still enjoy.

with a new Alice film coming in a matter of weeks , I went from being extremely excited to having some doubts after a very short moment where wikipedia had the entire plot on the webpage for a very prief time period. and I have strong doubts that it will never live up to succeding over the original , which is the major case with all remakes with very slight minor exceptions.

ottom line , over the course of just over 20 years , I have seen and witnessed the rise and fall of not just saturday morning cartoons , but kids shows all together. If you want to really watch good kids shows or kids movies for that matter , look for the classics and the most nostalgic from your past childhood.

everybodies tastes in tv shows , video games , and even movies are different from everyone else. what one person may like the other hates.

my point for my final speach this evening or in my case this morning is that kids shows have gone from really awesome to just plan awful. we dont need more adult comedy shows , constant pokemon sequels even when the pokemon empire isnt as strong as back in the late 90's early 2000's , and that we dont need to continue seeing more and more and more spongebob episodes that are all the same and even the commercials promises events that may seems true but are just dissapointing when its false advertisement. and we will never see the krabby patty formula as long as nick keeps making this statement and we never find out why they keep saying they will reveal it when they never do.

ash katchem never gets any older and is a major pimp , spongebob is still so annoying and is down right , well , retarded for still being the nerdy sponge , and the simpsons just isnt funny anymore and the material its lacking more and more.

all I can say is that its the past where the real treasure lies , and that at least the children from the past can preserve our long forgotten kids shows and to show those means adults that we will never forget them and its our job to keep them alive.

cartoons will never die , and the past is our future. If a man does not embrace his past , he has no future.

party on cartoons of the 80's,90's,00' on!