Nickelodeon. The #1 channel for kids. Back in the 90's, Nick was THE reigning king of cartoons, or as they were known on nick, "nicktoons". Ren & Stimpy, Ahhh! Real Monsters, Doug, The Angry Beavers among other great shows made Nick must see TV for kids. Ahh, those were some great times. But as Nick has gone throughout the years of the 2000's, it has DRASTICALLY fallen from it's former glory, and has gone straight into the trash. From Ren & Stimpy to Back At The Barnyard? From Kenan & Kel to ICarly? WOW. Let's just say I severely dislike the new Nick. Well, since I, among others, are a fan of the old days, I want to take all of you on a trip down Memory Lane. our destination? The 90's-Nick Zone!

our first stop on this adventure are gonna be the cartoons that made nick awesome. Let's start out with the always classic cartoon:article image

(April 19, 1997 - November 11, 2001)

WHAT WAS IT ABOUT? This cartoon, created by Mitch Schauer, revolved around two Beaver Brothers who left their parent's house (Norb, voluntarily left. He had to drag Dagg out.) to become swinging bachelors in the forest.


Dagget, or Dagg for short:article image The less mature and younger of the two by four minutes, Dag is a short tempered, Jalapeno loving, wrestling watching, comic book reading, prank playing, Sci-Fi watching Beaver. He may not be as smart as his brother, but he's no dope. And he usually dresses up as a superhero, calling himself "Muscular Beaver". When he's Muscular Beaver, he tries to help out the resident animals of the forest, but mostly he just causes more headaches then help. Voiced by Richard Horvitz.

and Norbert, or Norb for short:article image The older, smarter and cooler brother, norb is a laid back, French Horn playing, mispronounce wording, Biiig hug giving Beaver. And just like his bro, he loves Jalapenos, Wrestling, and watching bad 50's Sci-Fi movies starring his and Dagg's favorite movie stars, Oxnard Montalvo & Toluca Lake. Norb also dresses up like Dagg, except he plays the supervillian Baron Van Bad Beaver, only to stop his brother from doing anymore chaos. Voiced by Nick Bakay.


Treeflower: A former hippie beaver, and Norberts' one true love. And she has many jobs, one of them as a firefighter. Voiced by Cynthia Mann.

Stump: A tree stump with two eyes and a smile carved into him, and Norb's best friend. Yes, it is just a tree stump. Stump moves on his own. How? I don't have a clue.

Bing:article image An overly excited, fast talking, crazy logic spewing, extremely annoying lizard. Dagg and Norb have tried to get away from him, even tying him to a tree once, just so he would leave them alone. It didn't work. Voiced by Victor Wilson.

Barry Bear: a funky loving, jazz singing, clown fearing bear who is Dagg and Norbs' good buddy. Since Barry is a famous singer, Dagg and Norb have tried to exploit him, often ending in disaster. Voiced by John Garry.

Truckee: an angry, Truck loving and driving shrew who hates Dagg and Norb. He hates Norb because he once dated Treeflower, but it didn't work out. And he hates Dagg well there's no real reason why he hates Dagg. He just does.

El Grapadua: Dagg and Norb's favorite Lucha Libre wrestler. He doesn't speak a word of english, and Dagg has his autograph on his board game "El Grapadua & Ladders."

Scientist #1 and Pete: two scientists who call the beaver bros. "pointy weasles" and often uses them for crazy and goofy experiments. Scientist #1 has a huge cleft chin, is extremely arrogant and always wears sunglasses for some reason. Pete speaks in garbled language. you can never understand what he's saying, which is why I alawys found him funny. Scientist #1 voiced by Edward Winter.

Bill Licking: A TV host who wears an awesome black wig. He has manipulated Dagg and Norb on several occasions in being on his dumb documentaries.

Stacy & Chelsea: Dagg and Norb's younger twin sisters, and the two reasons why Dagg and Norb had to leave home. While Chelsea is more like Dag, Stacy is more like Norb. Voiced by creator Mitch Schauer's daughters.

Fun Fact: The Voice of Dagget, Richard Horvits, was also the voice of the pint-sized Irken Invader, Invader Zim.

FAV. EPISODE? It's easily the Halloween special "The Day the World Got Really Screwed Up!" Such great stuff was in that special. Oxnard Montalvo, The professor getting electrocuted so badly, he instantly turned into a skeleton and fell to the floor, and Teluca getting creamed every few minutes. From smacking into a wall to falling face first right into the floor after Oxnard missed catching her. Another great part was when Teluca and Dagg was running from The Crawling Spleen, and every few seconds after they would start running, Teluca would fall and say "My Ankle!". Trust me, if you didn't see it, you REALLY missed out on some great stuff.

My opinion: This was my favorite show on Nickelodeon. I would get up on Saturday mornings, get a bowl of cereal, get on the couch, turn on the TV and watch The Beavers. I don't care what anyone says, This is far superior to Spongebob all the way. If I had to choose between watching Spongebob or The Angry Beavers for the rest of my life, I would choose The Angry Beavers every time. No contest.

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Ok guys, that's all for part 1 of the 90's-Nick Zone! Keep an eye out for part two, where I will talk about the Insane show: Ren & Stimpy!

Catch ya later!