We all have seen it. We all have fallen in love with it. Now let's revisit it and understand exactly why we fell in love with it. "The Karate Kid" was welcomed into the world back in 1984 (3 years BEFORE I was even born lol) and it had an immediate reaction with teenagers. The story of the film chronicled Daniel LaRusso's move from Newark to Receda with his mother and having the difficulty of adapting to a new home and new friends. Trouble quickly surfaces for Daniel when a local group of Karate bullies make Daniel their new target. Daniel confides in his new friend, the matience man at his apartement complex, Mr. Miyagi, to train him in the art of Karate in order to win a tournment against Daniel's nemesis'. This film quickly became one of my favorite films of all time and it is easy to understand why. Daniel's problems that he goes through are ones that every teen still goes through today. 1984 or 2006... it doesn't matter. All teens at one time or another have had the struggle of feeling like the outcast and some have had it harder than others. Daniel's character was somebody that was easy to identify with, he wasn't "Brad Pitt" handsome or had great style or any of that stuff. He was a pretty average teenager. That element alone is something that really helped me at least to identify better with Daniel. Each time Daniel was beat up or picked on throughout the movie, you truly felt as if you were going through it at the same time. The greatest element of this film has to be that although our teenage years have so many bumps in the road, we all still manage to rise above the odds and come out fighting for ourselves just like Daniel did. Guided by Mr. Miyagi, Daniel was able to beat Johnny and his goons at the All-Valley Tournament and also win the heart of Ally. This film is truly a classic in my eyes and has entertained me time and time again. My only regret after watching this film each time is that I was never lucky enough to score a friend as cool and as wise as Mr. Miyagi. I mean christ... I'd love it if a friend would teach me awesome karate and give me an amazing looking car for free. Haha. But, all jokes aside let this article be a "thank you" to the cast and creators of this film for making an amazing film that will live on forever as long as teenagers exist. I shall conclude this article the only way I see fit..... in true "Karate Kid" form.... COBRA KAI NEVER DIES!