Disney, a household word(Unless you've been living in a cave for your whole life), and a part of everyone's childhood. But, where did that childhood go? It seems to have deteriorated to nothingness... Why did you betray us Eisner, why can't you make innovative shows like the company used to like Ducktales, Talespin, Goof Troop, Quack pack, Dinosaurs, and Gummi Bears? it may be the 2000s now, but the 80s were when disney was enjoyed by the whole family, and it didn't have 3rd party shows like Spiderman, and Power Rangers. I used to get up at 3:30 every morning to watch Talespin, then...POOF! As quick as a flash, the other shows known as "Jetix" came in and took over the early morning lineup with re-runs. I know the market is so you can cater to all children, but why not their parents too?They grew up watching you, why can't their kids? There are other channels with shows like Power Rangers and Spider-man, and I know that you don't wan't to lose sales, but instead of having then same crapola on all kids programming, why not make a new, innovative show, that has a good plot and not a "good guys win every time with a dumb laser gun piece of crap" Parents can't understand that, and it breaks them away from their kids. Think of what you used to have for programming. Heck, even the old 5 minute mickey mouse cartoons were better than the 1/2 hour fillers you have on now. All i'm trying to say is, make "Disney" Disney again, not Disney/4 kids/blah. Just Disney.