The first three star wars films were classic's I don't know why George Lucas wanted to make those prequels. I think he ruined the saga in some ways. Not allot of people liked the phantom menace but of the new films that was the only one I liked since the other two used even more CG in them. I also though Darth Maul was a great villain.
I think they should have been made in the early 90's or late 80's and River Phoenix would have made a much better Anakin Skywalker back then. Ive tried to get some things that came after the films that I really liked. Sorry if I missed out anything you know of.

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I only watched this once as kid but I know there are people out there that enjoyed this as well. Some people found the ewocks a bit silly in Return of the Jedi but I'm one of those people that thought they were great and fun characters.
I think this show was for TV or a short film I carnt really remember. Some of it was a bit childish I'm sure but it was probably meant more for kids but its still a good part of the Star Wars universe.

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Then came the cartoon which I really enjoyed as well. Not sure how long it lasted but I think they made a fair few episodes.

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Part of the cartoon Droid series. I just about remembered this film and really enjoyed the story. I manged to find it on youtube as well which is great. I carnt remember too much about apart from C3PO and R2D2 get kidnapped by this big robot which eats other robots.

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I left the best till last this isn't just a popular game but story as well. It was so fun to play and the story was really good. The game itself had great gamplay and some fun levels. The music in the game was really well done as well. I think this game is way overdue for a film and George Lucas should have made this instead of those prequel films. To play Dash Rendar I think Stephen Dorff or Dennis Quaid are the best choices. Anyway I hope George Lucas considers making this into a film soon because it would be a waste otherwise.

Sorry if this was a bit short they have made some more spin-off star wars stuff from the new films like the Clone Wars cartoon and some more modern games.
This article is from what I remember from my childhood and too be honest apart from star wars novels and toys there wasn't really allot of other media made which was a shame.