Hello fellow Retrojunkies! It's been quite a while but I'm back in action. Some of you may remember my first article: "My top 10 80's moives", (yes, moives was a spelling mistake, I apologize for that one) which can be found here:


Now the time has come for me to write my secod retrojunk article, which will be a lot shorter than my first one. This article will be about my tattoos.

Some backstory:

Like I mentioned in my first article, I live in Sweden. I'm 17 years old, but come October 24:th, I'll be 18. All of my tattoos were made in late 2007/early 2008. They were all made by a very talented artist from Thailand, by the name of Bond Siamese. I will not write the costs of the tattoos for two reasons. 1. I don't remember. 2. It's really confusing and difficult to translate the worth of Swedish money into dollars.

Here we go!

Tattoo number 1:

The Joker

As I mentioned in my Top 10 80's moives article, I love Batman more than anything in the world (except for maybe my girlfriend). The Joker is my favorite Batmanvillain, and one of my favorite fictional characters altogether. This was the first tattoo i got. So far I have never felt any regret about getting it.
Location: My lower left arm.

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Tattoo number 2:

The Batman Symbol

This is the second tattoo I got, and it's probably the one I show people the most. In school, the Batman symbol is always immediatley associated with me, and some of my friends even call me Batman. I have never felt any regret about this one either.
Location: My lower right arm.

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Tattoo number 3:

Michael Myers

The Halloween series is my favorite horror movie franchise, and I love Michael Myers. This picture is from the cover of Halloween 6: The curse of Michael Myers, which most fans despise, but I think it's the second best in the series (after 4). More on that in my next article entitled "Halloween Series". No regret here either. This is the tattoo I look at most.
Location: My upper left arm.

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Tattoo number 4:


Even though I don't really like Hellraiser 5,6,7 and 8, I love the first four, and I love Pinhead. This is the tattoo most people think looks best, but I think Michael Myers is the most beautiful. I regret making it a little bit sometimes, considering I watch the Halloween, A Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13:th movies all the time, but I rarely watch Hellraiser, but it's not like I panic and want to have it removed. It's ok, it's just not my favorite tattoo.
Location: My upper left arm (right beneath Michael Myers).

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Tattoo number 5:

Jason Voorhees

As implied above, I'm also a fan of the Friday the 13:th series, although Michael would kick Jasons ass any day.
This picture is flipped mirrorwise on all the posters and covers for Friday the 13:th part 4: The final chapter, and that was the way Bond wanted to make it, but I insisted he'd make it flipped the opposite way of the posters, since Jason has that cut in his mask on the left side of his head in the movies (now that's some hardcore nerdy fanboy shenaningans right there)! No regrets about this one either.
Location: My upper right arm.

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Tattoo number 6:

Freddy Krueger

I love the A Nightmare on Elm Street movies less than Halloween, but more than Friday the 13:th. Freddy Krueger is awesome. The only thing I don't like about this tattoo is that Freddys face is a little to dark-greyish. He should have just left it in my skin color.
No regrets. By the way, I know his claws look tiny, but they're not. It's just the angle the picture was taken in.
Location: My upper right arm (right above Jason Voorhees).

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Tattoo number 7:

Jolly Roger Symbol

This was the only one of my tattoos that wasn't planned. I got a special price on my Michael Myers tattoo, and Bond had some extra time on his hands, so I told him to give me a Jolly Roger tattoo, since I like pirates. It took him 15 minutes to make it. I regret it a little bit since I'd like to make something more awesome in it's place. First chance I get, I'll write "Goonies never say die" under it.
Location: My upper back.

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Future tattoo plans:

I'd like to do something or other having to do with X-Men, maybe a picture of Wolverine, Gambit, Magneto and Deadpool. I'd also like to make somehing Spiderman related. Maybe a picture of Spiderman and the Green Goblin on one leg, and then a similar picture of blacksuited Spiderman and Hobgoblin on the other leg. I'd also like to do Venom and Carnage. I'd love to have a portrait of Dr. Cox from Scrubs on my ancle since he's my idol, but my girlfriend won't let me. I'm pretty sure I'm gonna get the cover picture from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze on the middle of my back.

All of the pictures were taken by my girlfriend. I hope you enjoyed reading this article as much as i enjoyed writing it. Like I mentioned, my next article will be entitled "Halloween Series", in it, I will write down my opinions and ratings of each of the Halloween movies, expect it sometime in October.

See you later.