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Over two days, I have watched two Jerry Lewis movies from my family's movie collection. I chose to do this because I have always liked Jerry Lewis and I thought he was one of the funniest old time comedians there was. I also wanted to compare and contradt the two films.

Day One - "The Family Jewels"

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The first film I decided to watch is 'The Family Jewels" In this Jerry Lewis plays seven different characters total. This movie is about a young girl Donna, whose rich father has just passed away and left her $30 Million dollars and says that she must choose from one of her six uncles (all played by Lewis) to be her new father. The first Jerry Lewis character we are introduced to is Willard, he is Donna's chaufer. The first uncle we are introduced to is Uncle James, he is a ferryboat captain. He tells Donna the story of when he was in the war but when we see the flashblack everything is the exact opposite of what he is saying. The next uncle we meet is Everett, a circus clown who hates children and is about to flee the country. Donna doesn't stay with him. After Everett, we meet Uncle Julius the photographer. In my opinion he seems rather dorky and like most Jerry Lewis characters clumsy. Uncle Julius also seems to have a rather nasaly voice. Not much time is spent with Uncle Julius. After him we meet Uncle Eddie, an airline pilot. Uncle Eddie in my opinion has the funniest look out of all the uncles. He has this funny looking musthcae that sticks up. Right here I am impressed because we go from Uncle Julius who had a nasaly voice to Uncle Eddie who seems have a sqeuaky voice. After the pilot we meet Uncle Skylock who happens to be a private detective. When we meet him he is tied up along with his partner and the bady guys are about bomb the house. Apparnetly we was tied by his brother Bugsy, who is a gangster and everyone else thought he was dead. He kidnapped Donna and is holding her for ransom. Skylock escapes wants to try to catch the theives who took Donna. So they get in a cab and ask the driver if he could catch the car and give $20 dollars to do so but he just runs off with the money. So Skylock's partner drives the taxi instead. A little while later in the film, Willard realizes that Donna left her doll in the car and decides to take it to her when he gets a call from Bugsy. After Willard gets off the phone he calls all of her uncles to help him rescuse Donna. Right nowI have come to one of the funniest, which is Bugsy and Donna playing hopsktoch together. Now at the end, Donna must pick one of her uncles to be her father, they go around in a circle showing the uncles until we come to Uncle Everett who isn't there. Donna chooses Willard but the courts tells her she must choose from one of the uncles. At the end, Donna chooses Uncle Everett or so we think because it was actually Willard in disguise. That ends this film, in the end it was very cute and funny and also felt fast paced. My favorite uncle was Uncle Eddie.

Day Two - "The Disorderly Orderly"

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For Day two, I have chosen "The Disorderly Orderly". It has a great opening talking about heroes and the narrartor tells three heroes. One a war hero, then the next someone who want conqueor climbing a mountain and finally an orderly. Then he asks the hero of this film to please fall down. The orderly than falls down and than they go into a nice opening with a nice little song. Then the actual movie begins and we see a car driving up calling the hospital to get ready. The head nurse calls for our hero Jerome Littlefield to get a straight jacket ready for incoming patient. The patient is a tv auctioneer and when they come up the auctioneer runs off and Jerome chases after him telling him he is a big fan and Jerome gets put in the straight jacket. After this little mishap we see his girlfreind waiting for him but he doesn't make it because he is in the straight jakcet and we he tries to make he sees that a snail passed him. A Little while we come to a very strange scene between Jerome and his girlfreind where they are talking but is no verbal language instead big yellow letters appear on screen. Jerome was carrying a ladder and then enters a patient's room to try fix her tv because of a snowy picture but when he does actual snow blows out of the tv. Then we go to a meeting about Jerome and find out one of the reasons for his many mishaps is that he "tries to hard". We find out one of the reasons he wants to be a doctor is because he wants to be like his father, who was a great doctor. We also during this meeting, Jerome was kicked out of medical school becuase of some mental problems but he is seeing someone to help with that. The head Dr. Howard, likes Jerome very much because she was once engaged to his father and each time he sees Jerome she is reminded of him. At a later scene we see Jerome pushing around a woman in a wheelchair talking about medical stuff she has done and we learn that Jerome is senstive to hearing people talking about pain. The next scene shows doctors along with Jerome's help bringing in a girl but Jerome has a look on his face as if he recongizes the girl. Now we see Jerome is taking flowers to the girl. Along with the flower, he also took her a get well not but she does not respond well too at all. The next morning Jerome is collecting laundry and gets the laundry but we shoots it down th chute, he falls down it as well. Next we come to Jerome on a date with Nurse Julie at an Itlitian resturnat. He and his date are sharing a plate of spaghetti, which from the looks of it Jerome is have a hard time serving. After this they have conservation and his date tells him that she read the note left for the girl whose name is Susan. During this time they are in front of TWA office and they are advertising a flight to Hawaii and the inflight movie is "The Disorderly Orderly" starring Jerry Lewis. I thought that was rather unique and that has always been one of the more memorable scenes in the film. Next we see Jerome helping a man in a full body cast and he drops him and hits a tree and the body cast breaks and there was no one. Jerome thinks he lost the man. Now we see Dr. Howard is having a meeting with the President of all the hospitals. He meets Jerome and starts talking down to him. After he leaves Jerome starts mocking him and snapping his thumb, he does it enough times that his thumb is on fire. The president lays a new policy on Dr. Howard. The new policy is "No Money, No Beds". Next we see Jerome deliving breakfast to an elderly patient and he first tries to brush his teeth but apparnetly he has dentures. The elderly gentlemen accidentally bit of the head of the toothbrush. Jerome gives him oatmeal but he throws at him and it hits Nurse Higgins, Jerome's boss. Later on Jerome learns that Susan is about be kicked out because she has no money. Jerome decides to pay to keep her in. He does not want Susan to find out. It appears that Jerome is caught in a bit of a love triangle because he is dating Nurse Julie but he has feelings for Susan. We have just come to funny scene where Jerome is trying to stack pills but he breaks a bottle and all these pink bottles fall out. We next see Susan talking to the mental doctor and find out that she hates men because her hubsand cheated on her. Susan says no one gives a damm about her but the Dr. says someone does he tells her a story about love and loving and during this time we see a montage of Jerome working his butt off for Susan, who could care less about him. After the montage we see the president and Jerome talking. The president fired Jerome and Dr. Howard. Next thing you know, the president sprained his ankle. Next we see Jerome talking to Susan and says Jerome can have her if she wants her. Jerome kisses Susan but doesn't feel anything. He says it should be the 4th of July when he kisses her but it isn't. Jerome says he loves Susan but isn't in love with her. They keep on kissing to feel something but nothing and Nurse 'Julie sees them and run off. Jerome thinks he is cured and wants to test it and the lady we was pushing in the wheelchair to tell him a story about her medical problems and nothing happens to him. Next we see the president is on a stretcher and they are taking him to a general hospital because has no money. Dr. Howard reminds him "No Money, No Bed". Jerome steals the ambulance with the president in it to find Julie to tell her that he loves her. Dr. Howard and Nurse Higgins chase after Jerome to find and stop him. The president yells to stop the ambulance and when Jerom does it foot goes through the car and the president on the stretcher goes down the street and Jerome chases after him. This is after the president rehires Jerome and Dr. Howard. Nurse Julie was on a bus and climbs out and chases after Jerome. The president is still going down the street. In the end, the two ambulance cars crash and Jerome asks Julie to marry him and she says yes. The presidents finally stops and lands in an ocean.

My final thoughts

While both were very funny they were different. "The Disorderly Orderly" featured much more physical comedy that "The Family Jewels" The comedy from "The Family Jewels" came from all of the uncles. They were both very fast paced and I believe that "The Disorderly Orderly" had an easier story to focus on because there was only one character you really had to focus and that was Jerome whos was the main character, while "The Family Jewels" was a Jerry Lewis film, the little girl Donna was the main character of the film. In the end, both films were great and very funny. They both had heart but I think "The Disorderly Orderly" was better out of the two.

By the way, if you go to YouTube, you can find one of my favorite Jerry Lewis sketches. Just type in Jerry Lewis Typewriter and you'll see what I mean.