10. Putt-Putt "To The Pizza Hut (A 60s Ad)- "He drives a Power Wheels, wait, Power Wheels weren't been invened in the 60's HA HA HA!"

9. Pathmark (Count on Pathmark)- "I love Pathmark, My mom works there."

8. Electronic Pokedex- "I have that pokedex, I've got it since" Easter of 2000.

7. Sailor Moon Dolls- "You Know, I saw The Sailor Moon plushies commercial once in 2001."

6. Talkboy Tape Recorder- "I use to have a talkboy, but it got broke. On May, 2006 i got a talkgirl and she work great."

5. Housecats- "My mother remember this one, one time she told me that she wants to recorded it, but she recorded the wrong channel on the VCR. My mother is happy now, because Housecats is on Retrojunk the whole time."

4. Smart computer by Combi (1986)- "I think high-tec gadgets have been involed."

3. Taco Bell- "It's Diaper Cat and Diaper Dog!"

2. Kitchen Littles- "I don't rember the commercial, but i got it on x-mas '96 i got the stove, the sink, and the frige. and on my x-mas '97 i get shopping thing another frige and different food"

1. 1999 Mr.Bill Lexus GS 400- "Cow-a-turrin-Mr. Bill-tur! Mr. Bill is a piece of tur, he turred his ass and his balls. Mr. Bill would rather eat diarrah from a whore's ass. Mr. Bill is an asshole feecole murder. He's turrin sux turrin blows piece of crap, and I don't like him."