In this article I will be sharing with you songs that fit my relationship with the people in my life and I'll also share some of my favorite songs with you.

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Let's start with my all time favorite song ever!

"Achy Breaky Heart"

Long before we had Miley Cyrus. We had the original Cyrus. That's right I give you Billy Ray Cyrus. For as long I could remember "Achy Breaky Heart" has always been my favorite song. When I was . in preschool I would sing along to along to this song and get up on our fireplace and start singing along. Recently I had the opportuinty to do some karoke and this was the first song I sang.article image

Does anyone else remember The Chipmunk's cover of this song? It featured a cameo by Billy Ray himself. It started off with Brittany fainting when Billy Ray walked and Alvin trying to make himself cooler. It was cute and fun but it doesn't compare to the original.article image

Songs that fit me & my Best Freind, John

John and I have been best freinds for over six years now and in that time I have discovered two songs that fit our freindship.

The first song that fits our freindship is from "The Fox and The Hound" and it is "Best of Freinds" article image

This song shows how relationships between you & your best freind should be. Just enjoy life and don't have to live by the rules.

The second song for our relationship comes from "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer" That song is "Misfits" I chose this song because I felt as if John and I are meant to do something more but we both have limitaions and it can make us seem like misfits. I'm not saying this to offend anyone but this just how I feel. article image

The Song for me & my Mom

The song my mom and I have, we have shared since the day I was born. It comes from one of my favorite Disney movies, "Dumbo". The song is none other than that classic gem, "Baby Mine"

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Each time I listen to this song it's like getting a warm hug from my mom. It lets you know how your mother will be there for you. Of course the best version is the oringinal movie version but the Alison Kraus version is fairly nice too article image

The song for me & my Dad

The song for me & my dad once again comes from a Christmas special. It has become one of all time favorites. It is "Put One foot in front of the Other" from "Santa Claus Is Comin To Town"
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The reason I say this is the song for me & my dad is because when I first learning to hike I would sing this. I always hike with my dad and whenever I go out hiking I sing to make the hike go a little faster.

The Songs for me & my Sister

For my sister, there are actually two songs that I feel describe our relationship. Both In different ways though

1st, article image there is "Tears In Heaven" by Eric Clapton The Reason for this one is because later in life, we had a rough patch and I did not want to talk to her ever but that changed when my adorable little nephew was born and now we are trying to reconnect, at least I am. I can't speak for my sister

2nd, "Somewhere Out There" from "An American Tail" This is just a song of siblings who in the end care for each other no matter how very far apart they might be. article image

My Theme Songs

These are the songs that I feel best repersent who and Iam and what I went through to get here.

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1st up of all my time favorites "Standing Outside the Fire" by Garth Brooks The reason I say this is beacuse I am both autistic and epileptic. I have had to face struggles that for other people would seem easy. To this day I can't tie a shoe to save my life It's not I'm going to hanged for it though.article imagearticle image

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2nd on the list is "Quitters" by Collin Raye (in case you have't noticed I love country music) I relate to this song because it is about a boy in a wheelchair who has dreams of walking away. I relate because during my 10th and 12th year of high school I was in a wheelchair and I hated it trust me there were days I wanted to burn that thing because when you are in wheelchair, you lose a sense of freedom.article image

On a side note in case you were wondering This is my high school's mascot article image

Go BlackHawks!!

Well that's the end, let me know what you think and what songs describe your relationships or you in general.