This is a tribute to the very first simulator ride, I ever rode. That ride was "The Funtastic World Of Hanna-Barbera". Oh, what a great ride it was! I mean I got through some of my favorite cartoons. This was one of the greatest rides, Universal Studios had when it first opened.

I remeber waiting in line to ride this, It was the summer after I finshed preschool. I remeber standing in line wondering what the ride was about. I was nervous and excited at the same time. I had no idea what the ride was going to be about but then I saw a sign that looked liked Elroy Jetson. The wait seemed to take forever and then we entered the pre-show where Yogi was bugging the guests for food until Boo Boo informed him that the guests were here for an antimation demostration by Joesph Hanna and William Barbera. There were three screens one regualr rectangular shaped and two that were oval according to my readings but I rembember them being triangular. We got to see them draw Scooby, Fred Flinstone and then they expalined computer antimation draw Dick Dastardly's spaceship. Dastardly appears demanding he be the star of Hanna-Barbera project, however he is informed that the Jetson were the stars. Then they went onto draw Elroy who magically came to life. Outraged, Dastardly kidnapped Elroy. Yogi and Boo Boo felt they should do something and that is when the ride started.

We went into the sitting area where we took our seats and had little rollercoaster type bars come down over body to keep us in the seats. At my age, I thought this was the coolest thing and then we saw our captains Yogi and Boo Boo onscreen informing us we were going after Dick Dastardly. Our power source was a giant rubber band. The force of the rubber band catapulted back into the time of the modern stone age family.

That's right we were in Bedrock and we first over Mr Slate's construction site chasing Dastardly. Then we were led into the city while trying to dodge cars and residents such as Wilma Flintsone and Betty Rubble. We started following Dastardly who was behind Fred and Barney who were driving the Flintstone car. We chased him into the sky and through a vortex.

When we exited the vortex, we were flying over a cemetary at the middle of night and then we almost a crash with Scooby and Shaggy who were driving the Mystery Machine. Then we followed Dastardly into a haunted castle, where we tried to avoid ghostsand Scooby and Shaggy who were now hanging on for dear life by a chandleier. Then we chased Dastardly out of the castle into another vortex.

This vortex led us to Orbit City, home of the Jetsons and we saw George and Jane cheering us on to get their son back. Dastardly's ship was in front of us and we saw Elroy. The chase led us to a future version of Coney Island. We chased his ship down a rollercoaster track and finally Elroy was saved with some help from Rosie the Robot. While Dastardly and Muttley were taken off to jail Then a giant END appeared onscreen. However that wasn't the end. Yogi and Boo Boo informed us there was a playroom next door where we could drive the Flintstone car and the Jetson car. I'm sure there was more but this all I remember. What a great this was, I loved it.

This was my first simulator ride experince. Let me know, what you think and go ahead share similar stories. I have open ears.