Ah, Disney. Everybody loves Disney. It's our main part of our childhood. I still love Disney to this very day. But I have asked myself this question recently:

Has Disney finally gone soft?

I mean, think about it. The stuff I'm seeing is NOT pretty.
The Disney I knew took chances and has managed to create some classic films and television shows for all ages. But now, they only care about making a quick buck by selling Hannah Montana crap that people will eventually sell at a garage sale.

In other words, Disney has gone soft. WAY too soft.

Now, you may think I'm a little harsh on the happiest place on Earth. I mean, Disney has been made to appeal to ALL ages. Not to mention HM (Hannah Montana) is considered to be one of the most popular shows on TV. But this show is EVERYWHERE. HM napkins, dvds, cds, etc. How can I think straight if this stuff is ruling over my hometown like a supervillian? It's like Joesph Stalin and his army: They watch our every move and stuff down crap down our heads with ideas and merchandise that say that it's good.

And that's just Hannah Montana. There's also High School Musical and Camp Rock. Oh, lord, don't even TALK to me about Camp Rock. That movie is just an orchestra of child-friendy cliches and product-placement. Nothing else. There's nothing special about it. All it shows off is the Jonas Brothers in their first movie. They don't even act good.

As for the story, this is where the child-friendly cliches comes in. There's a girl who's in love with a hot boy, a naggy shopaholic tries to make the girl's life a living hell, you know the story.

And another thing. If it's called "Camp ROCK", why do they play different music, like rap and pop? It would've been better if they called the movie "Camp Music" or "Crap Camp". Any of those would've been better.

I'd rather not talk about the boiling dog crap that is "High School Musical", so I'll talk about that preschool cartoon "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse".

"Mickey Mouse Clubhouse" is simply OK. It has a catchy opening and ending song by They Might Be Giants (!) and it IS colourful. But I don't know if it makes kids learn. I mean, the shows I remember watching had morals. Shows NOWADAYS don't have that. Not to mention, aren't we supposed learn counting and all that on Seasame Street and at school instead?

I think this show is an example of how Disney would rather concreate on kids' stuff rather than in what started Disney in the first place. First thing we see, Mickey Mouse was an international icon for all families to enjoy watching. Next thing you know, Mickey Mouse has been degraded to television crap that only appeals to very little kids. All I can say is....What happened?

Overall, everything Disney is making is either medicore or stupid. They play it too safe and think of ridiculous ideas that everyone has already thought up of.

Nevertheless, there's still hope. In December 2009, Disney will release a new traditionally animated film, "The Princess and the Frog". It's directed by the same guys who did "The Little Mermaid", "Aladdin", Hercules", and "Treasure Planet". Basically, nearly all of the good movies. Will it bring back the magic that Disney had years ago?

Only time will tell.