The following five tv shows that have been taken off the air either because of not enough viewers, maybe some parents thought that the tv show was to violent or used strongly suggested words, or maybe because nick just did'nt think that the tv show was going to work out.

5.Rocko's Modern Life
Most people have got to remeber this show. It originally started in Austrailia it aired from 1993-1996. Nick does sometimes show re-runs of this show and you can get a certain nick station that still airs it. My personal opionon is that I loved this cartoon very much.
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This cartoon was about a wallabe that obviously lives in Austrailia and has many adventures with his friends. Although not everything turns out like it is suppose to. I can say that everytime I think of the theme song to Rocko's Modern Life it stays in my head because of the catchy jingle.

4. Invader Zim
Oh yeah Invader Zim this show did not stay on for long. Probally because not many parents found it very amusing for their kids to watch. This show aired from 2001-2002.
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Besides its creepy stories and strange animation kids seemed to love "Invader Zim". Though not many kids ages 2-11 seemed to watch this show very much. Its country of origin was usa.

Even the name of this show wants to make you watch it. Its country of origin is usa and it aired from 1998-2001.
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This show is about two brothers (a cat and a dog) who was born connected to each other, catch the name CatDog. This show was very funny to watch to see how a cat and a dog could live with each other, espically if they could never leave each others side. article image This show had 65 episodes including a series finale movie "The Great Parent Mystery", where CatDog meets there parents. I also found out that an episode of CatDog was banned from nickelodeon. This was due to rumors saying that it is pornographic (due to nick standerds) and contained large amounts of toilet humor.

2. Rocket Power
This show lasted a little longer then some of them. Its country of origin is usa, and it aired from 1999-2004.
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This show was about 4 friends that loved to do play anything that had snow or water in it and they loved to ride anything with wheels. There was 64 episodes Rocket Power along with a few movies.

1.Blues Clues
Even though this show aired on Nick Jr. it still counts. Blues Clues is about a dog and her owner Steve who hunt for clues around there house and go on many adventures. This show aired from 1996-2001 with the host of Steve. Sadly though in 2001 Steve left the show to start a music career and go off to college and was then replaced with his brother Joe, 2001-?. Along with the series Blues Clues there was another one called Blues Room were Blue could talk, and an episode were Blue got a little brother.
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Originally this show was suppose to be starring a cat but nick already had a show starring a cat so they replaced it with a dog. There was also rumors about Steve that he had died from drug-related problems. These rumors had gotten so bad that he had to go on the Rosie O' Donnell Show to reassure his young audience that he was live and well.