Hello my Retro Junk friends,and enemies who I'm praying for. Today I thought I would tell you about my favorite Christian Rock band:

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The reason for this article is because, sometime soon the new Stryper album "Murder by Pride" is coming out.

Back in 1975, Brothers Michael and Robert Sweet became Christians. Unfortunately, they were quick enough to walk away from Christianity. 6 years later, The Sweet Brothers, Oz Fox, and long time friend of Michael Sweet, Kenny Metcalf formed what started out as a Secular Metal band Called

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Roxx Regime

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Here's a picture of Kenny Metcalf with "Weird Al" Yankovic

When Kenny Metcalf joined the band as their Keyboardist, he witnessed(shared Christ) to the other three members. A year later Michael, Robert, and Oz dedicated their lives to Jesus. In 1983, God blessed Roxx Regime with a Bass player named Timothy Gaines. Tim had the idea of renaming the band. He two ideas for a name. The scripture Isaiah 53:5:"By his stripes we are healed." from the KJV Bible, and the word Hyper without the H. Hence the name Stryper. Stryper is an acronym which means: Salvation Through Redemption Yielding Peace Encouragement and Righteousness.

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1984 version

In 1984, Stryper did a mini recording called "The Yellow and Black Attack!" The bands that toured with to promote their EP were Bon Jovi, Ratt, The Scorpions, and numerous other Secular Hair Metal bands. This caused many Christians to insist that Stryper was not a true Christian Rock band.

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1986 version

Two years after it's release,
"The Yellow and Black Attack!" was remixed, and re-released. It featured two bonus tracks: An Acoustic version of "My love I'll always show", and "Reason for the Season." After it's rerelease in 1986, many Stryper fans considered "The Yellow and Black Attack!" to be more of an LP, instead of an EP.

In 1985, Stryper released their 1st full-length studio album:

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Soldiers Under Command

This album featured 3 hits: the title track, "Makes Me
Wanna Sing"(the song they played live on "Good Morning America"), and "Reach Out." It sold more than half a million copies, and was the first Christian Metal album ever to be certified Gold.

The year was 1986. That was the year for Stryper. They released their major breakthrough album:

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To Hell With the Devil

This album features alot of good songs. Two of my most favorite are, "Free", and "The Way." "Free" was the first Christian Rock video ever to gain popularity on MTV. It was played on that channel for 38 days in a row.
Another hit they had that took them into the Mainstream Rock charts was called, "Honestly." According to Michael Sweet, "Honestly" is a love song that he wrote for his wife Kyle Sweet. If you haven't listened to this album, I highly reccommend that you do.

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Stryper released their 3rd album "In God We Trust" in 1988. This album's more Pop oriented, but it's still pretty good. This album helped them score another hit on the Mainstream Rock charts, and that hit is "Always There For You." There are some other good Rock songs on here as well, like "Keep the Fire Burning", "It's Up 2 U", and "The Reign." like I said for being Pop oriented, it's not bad.

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This album caused alot of controversy when it came out in 1990. The lyrics in every song were hardly focused on God, they were focused more on relationships. Besides tell me if you can see something missing:
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That's right. The picture on the right shows them without their bumblebee spandex outfits. Maybe they ditched the bumblebee outfits for the better. Anyway, this is a great album, despite what I just said. I won't mention any of the songs like I did in 90's Christian Rock Article. Anyway, "Against the Law" is NOT an album where the members of Stryper are saying that they're giving up on God. This is an album made for anybody who's a huge fan of Metallica, or Guns n Roses.
The idea of this album is that, you'd better watch yourself, unless you're against the law.

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This is the first Compilation disc by Stryper. There's not much to say about it, except for the fact that it has two previously unreleased songs: Believe (which is song about The Gulf War), and Can't Stop the Rock, which was originally a demo Stryper (as Roxx Regime) recorded back in 1983-84. After the release of Can't Stop the Rock: The Best of Stryper, Michael Sweet left his bandmates, and went solo. The three remaining members of Stryper went on without him, but it wasn't long before Stryper disbanded. That's all for now. Be sure to check out my Part 2 article, where I'll talk about Michael Sweet's Solo career, what happened to the other 3 members, and the reunion of Stryper.
Until then, be blessed by the Lord.