with the realese of high school musical 3 coming out i rember movies and fades being hyped up to the max and then it's a big let down. well im going to through you in my personal experince.

note: many are not retro but they will be some day.

Ok first on my list is Pokemon the first movie.
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i rember as a kid i loved pokemon the games the card heck even the clothes.But i swear when i heard of a movie i nearly crapped my pokemon boxers. I mean i was so exited and then the big day rolled around. I rember walking in and seeing loads of 16 somthing teen's in there waiting to go in.
they gave you ultra rare pokemon cards as a promtional thing i guess i rember this is one of the cards.
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Having this card made me powerfull i thought i was the greatest. looking back at it know it was little card with glitter on it. but getting back to the movie i walked in there and an hour and half i walked out and i was a bit upset the movie was just like watching a very long episode of pokemon.

gta 3 for the playstation 2
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Yes i know what you thinking playstation 2 retro. this is going to be quite short so just stick with me.

at a young age i only really had a nintnedo 64 and a playstation 1 so i didnt get to expernice the greatness of ps2. and when this game came out i was like cool. Shoot people and get a chase from the police. But then i started to hear that this game is one of the single greatest games on the ps2 EVER. So what i first thought was i got play this 'great' game. a few months passed with no luck of playing this game until my friend got it.
Oh my god i was so exited. i put on my pokemon jacket and ran to the door. I got to his house and we started to play. 'this is going to be great' i thought but what i got was totally not what everybody was saying about. after about ten minutes of playing the game sucks and it is boring. You dont understand how annoyed i was.

Nintendo gamecube
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Nintendo 64 rocked so why not this. people waited four long years for this game console to come out. And oh my god it sucked so bad. every single kid on my street was talking about this for at least 6 months. and when it did come out it was like people where making up stories on this thing i heard one kid say that you could play playstation 2 games on this. are they crazy or somthing a gamecube disk is so small. And compared to a playstation disk it's like putting my finger upto a baby's finger.

the simpsons movie
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When i first heard this movie was coming out i was so crazily happy. my favorite show is coming to the big screen. So after hearing stories of what was going to happen. I got to see it at the cinema only a couple of days after it had come out. The cinema was packed it was crazy. so i ahd seen every trailer for this movie possible and all the good jokes where in the trailer the rest was just padding. Why did that happen i mean yer making a kid wait for a couple of years is just fine isnt it. I still cant get over how much of a dissapointment it was.

Hoped you enjoyed my list of the hyped up things ever!!!!