ever since a young age i have always had a big intrest in films any film of any type even if it is low budget i wanted to see it so this is my point of view of films you have never heard about (well maybe)

i go into town a lot and i normally pick up a few films and if you ever want low budget films you gotta go to a little place i call poundland and guess what everything is a pound.
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i love this shop its full of goodies and treats but the movies are terrible but toally fun to watch. There were a couple of movies that have really stayed in my mind

first of one of them is a film called popcorn
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this is a fun film to watch but a bit strange in places but a good laugh this is worth the one pound i payed for it
its so badly done and the acting is super chessy the gore is about 5 /10

next up on my list is a movie called lloyd (im not sure if you have seen this movie but nobody i know has seen it)
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i remeber seeing this movie about 4 years back and relly liking it and enjoying it
i searched for this movie everywere but i had no luck. Until my daily youtube surfing i found this movie in parts i was so happy. so i watched it again and again and again.

the movie is about a geek who has no luck with making friends or girlfriends his luck finally starts turning around when he makes his best friend who sticks with him all through the rest of the film they go through there up's and downs and relly catch the whole friends thing

i'm not sure if anybody has seen this very stupid halloween flick before but it's good fun
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the story is about a small little boy who dresses up as his favorite little devil videogame man. And he meets this werido who does not speak through the whole movie he is real killer but when douggy(the boys name) tell everybody about him guess what nobody belives him

i picked this movie up for one pound and its a good laugh

next this has to be the most badly done film in the history of badly done films

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this movie is so god dam bad it wants to be puked over i cant even explain how bad this movie is its so bad i think i would rather die then watch this movie again

so thats it folks have a good time

if you want the links to the lloyd movie send me a message and we can sort it out