At the age of 7 somthing magical happened somthing that would change my life as i know it.

This little thing that changed me was called horror. There was somthing about it i was not scared but boy did i love watching it.

As i recall my friend knocked on my door one day holding somthing in his hand this was a video but not any old video my first horror experince. This was what changed me this little low budget flick was called Creepshow 2.
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As i recall this was the video case as well
this little gem has three fairly 'spooky' stories if you get the chance check it out.

Next up we have this three hour epic. Yes the one and only IT i rember at about the age of 8 viewing this and it was great.
Looking back at it know is just cheesy and dam right god awful.article image

if you are willing to sit through this it's worth a few laugh's.

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Yep it the shinning and this movie scared me so much to this day i have to watch it with some body.
i love this movie but every time i watch it i get the feeling i am going to get bad news after i watch it. one time i watched it round my friends for the first time. after this movie i walk home scared of my own shadow.

I walk into the door and there is my mum (mom what ever) and she goes come here so i walk up to here and she say's 'i have some bad news' i look up and say 'what is it' then she replies back 'your great grandad died on saturday'. then i burst into tears and ran up to my room.

Yes but this is a one of my all time favorite films all because of the twist at the end.

And these two article image

This is worth a watch you gotta watch this one its amazing and a scare feast

Next up on the list

I little place i like to call dreamland gone wrong
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Yep it nightmare on elm street and this is one man you dont want to mess with article image

Freddy kruger the ulitmate villian he has great powers like killing people in there dreams (WOW)

The whole batch of films are worth a watch.

Expect this one. article image

This is a big NO NO.

They just tryed to hard to make it look real and great but they failed.

This movie made me sick this movie has made visionary director Guillermo del Toro become a vegetarian. Yes it thats bad people.article image

This is one of them movies when you watch it and it only fell's like a 10 minute film

apart from the uglyness of this film its a blast a great film that will live on for a very long time.

so thats my first articial go easy on me.

and happy halloween to all

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