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Face it. We've all experienced those days when there was a massive downpour and you were dying to ride your new bike or chill in your backyard clubhouse or do some other form of outside activity. Of course, we had to find some workaround to keep us busy during the downpour. So, here was a few of the things we did that actually made us look forward to rainy days.

Gameboy 'competitions

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Basically, my sister, 2 cousins and I would pick 3 games out of our collection (they could not be the same as what another If I had tetris chosen, no one else could use their copy of tetris) and write up a score sheet. Each game consisted of a 10-minute session to see A: how far we got, B: Score and C: how many remaning lives we had, when applicable. We'd all pile up onto the bed angling our GB's just right to get decent light and away we went.

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Next up on the list was...

Mini sized Waffle Blocks!

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I'm not sure what the official name was for these toys, but...These toys were the pwnage! I did have larger scale waffle blocks that were about the size of a floor tile but these were considered "outdoor toys" and were meant to live the life outside baking and fading in the sun and eventually cracking from drying out. Using the mini sized blocks, we'd build different structures to use our action figures on for whatever battle scenes we wanted to pull off, hoping it would be like what we saw on commercials...not even close but we were satisfied having Batman and some random Jurassic park character duking it out.

We also built towers that stood about 3 feet. We'd fill 'em up with blankets or something soft and I had my cousin sit on the top. It held. Slowly, I'd pull pieces out hoping it not (well really hoping it would) crash, which was quite successful and enjoyable.
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Once we got bored of that destruction, we moved onto another form of destruction...

Lego Destruction Derby!

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Of course, I always got slaughtered at this. My cousin (same one who rode the waffle block drop tower ride) and I would take 5 minutes to create some form of lego vehicle of a certain size and must have wheels. Once our contraption was completed, we took it to the tile floor straightaway, one on each end of the room aligning our cars. Once ready, we'd send them rolling off and into each other. Obviously, the one that flew apart and had legos everywhere.
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what happened to mah car?!?

The trick was to make your vehicle as 'blocky' as possible not to mention, do not make it hollow. I think I may have only won once of the many derbies we did.

Lastly, the ultimate cure for the dreaded rainy days were something every kid has done...

Bed Fortress!

Ok, maybe it was not really that exciting, but it did beat that cardboard fort we had out in the yard that was probably soggy by then...We had a bunk bed in my room, and we pretty much draped blankets around to hide the bottom bunk. Inside this makeshift clubhouse is where gameboy contests were held, as well as drawing, kicking back, or even falling asleep to pass time.
(sorry, could not find any pictures that best represents the 'tent' we would make.)

So, that pretty much kept us busy until it was time to go to bed. At that point, we enjoyed the sound of the rain as it helped us go to sleep. We looked forward to the next rainy day to pull off another gameboy competition or lego destruction derby session. Thanks for reading.

And by the way, I would probably go back and do the gameboy competitions (old games) just to relive that childhood experience, if I had the time...but full time college and work do not allow for that.