Hi this is my first Article so bare with me if you find errors

It was the December of 1996, I was 9 years old, and wondering what jolly old Saint Nick was going to leave under the tree. Was it going to be one of the new Power Rangers Megazords? Some new Batman toy?

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I knew I would get one big present and the rest would be small ( I have two sisters so I couldn't be spoiled). Christmas came and I was one of those kids who would wake up at 6AM but would have to wait for everyone else to wake up. Five hours later everyone one was finally up and it was time to open the presents .

After opening many presents I was pretty satisfied with what I had received. Then my dad came into the living room with a huge box and handed it to me. He said that this box was for the whole family. I quickly opened it and was shocked to see what it was: a Sony Playstation!
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At this point I really had no prior knowledge of the Playstation, but I remembered seeing commercials for the games. I then saw that "Santa" had gotten me two games: Tekken,Battle Arena Toshinden, and a demo disk.
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My dad set it up and two hours later I was hooked! I played the Playstation every chance that I got and soon began adding more games to my library. I picked games mostly based on how cool the cover looked, which led me to getting some pretty awesome games like Twisted Metal 2;
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in which the goal was driving and destroying other cars. I fondly remember killing all of my family and friends with Thumper, the pink low rider

the demo disk also let me play many other games that i ended up buying (Crash Bandicoot, Tomb Raider 2, Parappa the Rapper) and the game that to this day i hope they remake for the Ps3.

Final Fantasy 7
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One of the games I chose early on still remains one of my favorite today: Final Fantasy 7. I remember playing for many hours when I got this game. I played for 30 hours before I got to disk 2. After many hours spent playing various games, learning new skills, and seeing all the Playstation had to offer, Sony announced Playstation 2. But that is a very long story for another day

i hope you enjoyed some of my memory's with the original Sony Playstation.