article image. Before Games Like Resident Evil And Dead Rising Hit Shelves, Early Entries Like Zombies Ate My Neighbors Had Plenty To Offer For Fans Of The Survival Horror Genre. There Really Is No Plot, Except Two Children Going On A Killing Spree After Their Neighborhood Is Invaded By Zombies. article image. Like Most Games At The Time That Had To Do With Zombies And The Likes, This Game Was Aimed More At Kids Than Anyone Else, However Had A Unique Twist. The Game Was A Sendup Of 50's Science Fiction Films. Other Genres That Are Made Fun Of Are The Black & White Monster Movies Of The 30's And 40's, As Well As The The Slasher Films Of The Early 80's. Enemies Included Zombies, Of Course, But Also Featured And Are Not Limited To; Killer Dolls, Chainsaw Lunatics, Killer Mushrooms, Giant Ants, Mummies, Martians Etc. article image. The Objective Of The Game Is To Save All Of The Unarmed NPCs In The Surrounding Enviorment Before Progressing Any Further Into The Game. Any Household Aplliance Can Be Used As A Weapon. Everything From Soda Pop Cans To Weedeaters Can Be Used At Your Disposal. article image. Other Thing That You Can Interact With Are Little Potions That Can Turn You Into Some Werewolf Looking Creature. I Feel Like I've Just Wasted Ten Minutes Of My Life Talking About A Game Whose Soul Purpose Is To Walk Around And Kill Zombies. It Still Is To This Day A Survival Horror Classic And Is Fondly Remembered By Anyone Who Played It When It First Came Out.