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I know it's a little to dedicate this article to Larry, but I'm going to do it anyway.
This article is dedicated to the memory of Larry Norman

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R.I.P. Larry, You will be missed.
April 8 1947-February 23 2008

I thought I would talk about my favorite Christian Rock cds from the 2000s. If there was anything in this article I left out, let me know.

From 1995-2001 Petra became a Mellow Rock band. Unfortunately, most of their Soft Rock albums did not do so well.
It wasn't until 2003 when the members of Petra returned to their Blues Rock/Heavy Metal roots and released:

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Petra-Jekyll and Hyde

This was the ultimate Rock album that Petra Fans (like me) have long waited for. Songs on this album like the title track, and "Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda" will rock your socks off til the end.

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Petra Farewell

In 2005, the members of Petra decided to disband. (don't ask why) Anyway, they decided to do their first concert album in (then)20 years. This album features some rocking tunes, and two members from the past:Greg X Volz (Member of Petra from 1977-1986), and John Lawry (Member of Petra from 1984-1994).
This album definitely tops off a good 33 year ministry for these guys.

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In 2005, Stryper released their first album since "Against the Law". On this cd instead of being a Hair Metal album, it has more of a Post Grunge Alternative Rock sound to it. However, there are some small hints of their older stuff. The tracks I reccomend are "Open Your Eyes", "Make You Mine", and "I.G.W.T."
This is a great album.

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12 Stones

Now here is a rocking band. If you like Creed, you'll love 12 Stones. This album includes the hits "Crash", "Broken", and "The Way I Feel."
It also has some other rocking songs like "Fade Away" among other songs. This is totally one of my favorite Cross over bands.

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Tait-Lose This Life

Tait is lead by former dc Talk member Michael Tait.
Anyway this is their second album. You can definitely tell they use some U2 influence on this album, which can be heard on the title track. If you like Alternative Rock, this album is right up your alley.

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In 2001, Toby McKeehan (A.K.A. TobyMac) released his first solo album Momentum. It has some cool songs on it like "Extreme Days"(my personal favorite), Toby's rendition of "Somebody's Watching", and get this party started. Among all the albums that toby has done so far, this would have to be my favorite.

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Demon Hunter-Storm the Gates of Hell

This is an album I got last Christmas. If you're into Nu Metal (Christian or Secular), You'll like Demon Hunter.
This is a great album. It features songs like the title track, "Lead Us Home", and my personal favorite, "Follow the Wolves".
Who says Christianity and Metal are like oil and water?
I'm mean it's fine as you're not swearing, or talking how devil worship is when it's not.

I might as well do one more:

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Switchfoot-The Beautiful Letdown

Switchfoot is another Cross Over band. Even though I'm not particularly a huge fan of them, they have some decent stuff. This is a pretty good album. My most favorite track on here is "Meant to Live". I guess that's all I can say about this album.

That's all folks.

Like I said before: If there's anything you wanted on this article, feel free to throw in some suggestions.