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We got some VHS tapes from storage and we cleaned the basement full of stuff formely in storage that was locked up until last year. I found a treasure trove of homemade tapes, which was proably the majority of VHS rarirites in my collection.

Allthough some just show a blank black screen on my 2-year-old VCR with the TV I bought on Black Friday last year, I got to go with a blast from the past of retro commercials and shows in the 90's. Many of the commericals I liked and/or remembered.....

To tell you the truth, sorry to upset those who liked the old Nickelodeon, I did not like Nickelodeon until 2004, when CN began to jump the shark. That is the reason I have mostly Kids WB and Cartoon Network.

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1. Kids WB- Circa 1998 or 1999.

On that particular day, this block aired before an episode of "The Adventures of Sindbad"

Cartoons included Men In Black, Batman, The Sylvester and Tweety Mysteries, Pinky and the Brain.

For "Pinky and the Brain"- the episode is the thirty-minute no-skit "Hoop Schemes", an episode where Pinky and the Brain starts a basketball team after seeing the success of a basketball player.

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Some of the most notable commercials includes the IQ-lowering, kid-written Got Milk? commercial "Lost Milk of Arabia" for Dairy Management Inc./California Milk Processor Board, a commericial for the terrible tasting Froot Loops Marshmallow (trust me, fans of Lucky Charms will think the marshmallows are too sweet). The greatest, however, was the combo Ritz Bitz commericial. It's similar to the recent Ritz Bitz commercial with the animals playing music, because it has two ads in one and it's claymation. But this is old (and probably long running like the 1969 Toostie Pop commercial), has two different flavors and has a fade in/fade out. One commercial shows the anthromorphic Ritz sliding through a neat peanut butter mess, and the other has the characters traveling through space landing on a planet of cheese.

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2. "Wizard '96"

This tape begins with a 1996 stage version of the 1939 Wizard of Oz movie instead of the actual movie-- but suprsingly abruptly ends with Kid's WB and Nickelodeon taped over, and Warner Bros. properties take the cake.

First in the tape-over we begin with part of an Animaniacs show on Kid's WB, then the end of a Tiny Toons episode on Nickelodeon.
The announcer plugs a commercial for a KCA contest to enter at McDonald's that would follow during the end credits of "Tiny Toons". Looney Tunes on Nickelodeon comes up, and we get a few oddball cartoons from the post-'48 package.

In a cartoon with a Mexican retelling of Cinderella, "Senorella", it opens with the "Abstract WB" logo from Looney Tunes' "jump the shark" period:

[videos 009]

3. Animaniacs marathon on CN.

A marathon of Animaniacs, some skits which are memorable (allthough my most memorable I have on pre-recorded), like the Mindy and Buttons cartoon of Buttons chasing the mail.

There's a bunch of Animaniacs marathon bumpers, plus some promos for Animaniacs being syndicated on Cartoon Network, back when it was the "Cartoon" Network. It had the Animaniacs interfering with other Cartoon Network shows from Dexter's Lab to The Jetsons in those commercials.

I think there's a CN commericial homage to Max Fleischer's Ko-Ko the Clown, with Whizzo The Very First Cartoon, ranting on having a Cartoon Network (even when it was great), and does a cheap movement of what he decscribed was when "cartoons were the real thing":

I didn't really feel like going through any more tapes today, but I hope you enjoyed this article. Yes, it's the cliche three for a story like this, but this article sure covers a lot!

Well, I hope you enjoyed this article, and I will probably have a part 2 if I'm willing. Stay tuned!