After the year 1996, things didn't go well. 1997 was when I graduated from Elementary School and I was Home Schooled throughout my High School years. Things rebounded after 1998.

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In 1998, I got turned-on by two bands. (Okay, three but one isn't an art-rock band. It was Yes and Procol Harum. I later got into The Moody Blues and other Art-Rock Bands. (The non-art band was The Beach Boys.)

Youth Group.

I was at a new church, so now I was around a new youth group and we would do a Youth Serve which helped out our city and what not.

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So we dumped our cable in 1997 because we considered it a luxury since we were near broke at the time. But I still watched shows such as 'Drew Carey', 'Whose Line', 'Seinfeld', 'The Simpsons', 'Friends', 'Frasier', and 'Family Guy'.

Computer and Internet.

We never had a real computer until 2005, but in 1998 I would use one computer to write scripts, play games, go on the internet, and so on.


In 2001, I would say my childhood was done for, but I still kept a hold on many things through the years and I hope that I can manage to add more.