Stop having him get outdone by others who are closer to the classical Superman than he is. Casey's Majestic is closer to the authentic Superman in scope and temperament than most of what I've seen from 86 to now. but for somereason when he actually wrote the real thing, he seemed to reign in his creativity and scope to an extent. We need to have a Superman writeen by people who ahve no shame in Superman's game. a Morrison, Veitch, Ellis, Millar, etc.

Have him, definatively and for all time, Remember. Everything. From Action#1 to the present. Contradictions and reboots included. He should be among the few that truly knows his own ACTUAL history. Therefore, Superman's entire history will then again be canonical.

Have him be at a 'mid' level Pre-Crisis level, but notutterely omnipotent, but Clearly the most physically powerful Hero On Earth. Anything less isn't Superman. Plenty of other heroes should be able to give him a good fight, stalemate him, or even potentially beat him if they can exploit his weaknesses, but Superman has to have the most raw physical power of any conventional Hero from Earth. That's the entire point behind his name. For instance he has yet to explcititly move a pl;anet under his own physical power. Still. that is disgraceful. Sure he frankly has feats above that, but Superman classic feat of strength belongs to him more than it does any of his pale imitiatiors. Let's start jhaving Superman act like the real thing instead of a plae imitation of himself.

A clear cut, no apolgies made scientific genius.One of Busieks Good qualtiies was restoring that.

His personality should be Strong, alpha, honrable,desicive and clearly be the most Noble man in the universe. Regal yet humble, couragous, decisive, a mroal philosopher and social crusader in his guise as Clark Kent, reporter. More Kirk than Picard.

Make Lex a consistently formidable Universe-level threat, Just due to his mind alone. for too long Lex has been treated like a lovable buffon by certain writers, a nuisance to Superman or a masterful planenr. That's good, but I want to see Lex be an unqualieifed Doom/Reed Richards level threat again. a guy who go into aany given star system and have a reasonable abililty to be Running thre place within a little while. Whatever powerful level Superman is, Lex MUST be an equal challenge in his own right, otherwise, he doesn;'t have the right to be considered the primary villian of the most powerful hero.

- a More flexible powerset nothing like GLs or anything, but Superman invented the idea of a nebulous powerset. He should have most of the abilties he was given by his creators and classical portrayals have like Telepathy/hypnosis, Time travel, dimensional travel, telekinesis(Which Kon-el got from him), and others . The philosophy behind Superman's powerset was not originally, 'flying strongman' alone, but 'peak of human evolutionary potential', that's why he was pulling stuff like shapeshifting, magnetic manipulation, and others back in the 40's. Some writers have explored Superman moe esoteric powers, but some preffered to limit Superman due to a lack of imagination. There should be logical lmits of course, but Superman was never indeded to be limited to purely physical powerset alone originally. I'd combined some of the powers from the Byrne Era with the Pre-Crisis stuff. the recent Arena #3 alluded to the notion that Red Son and Miller Supermen still had a lot to learn about their full range of capabilties.

Consistently formidable villians. If you think that Superman should be fighting anything but the most formidable characters in comics, physically, mentally, etc. then you have no business writing Superman comics. If the only way you can write Superman is by depowering him, you have no business writing Superman.