What do you look at when your at the store looking for video games? Some of you, the gameplay, others, the rating, but most of us who don't want to stop and think look at the artwork done on the cover. Like the phrase, "Don't judge a book by its cover." But, today, we are going to judge them by their cover! So let's go back to the 80's and 90's and look at the box art Hall of Fam and SHAME!


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Well....... This is just a picture of Stallone hanging from a cliff. What does this tell me about the games besides he's a cliffhanger? Nothing. Nothing about the gameplay! This isn't even art! It's a picture! Nothing! This might of been a good poster for the movie, but sorry guys, this just doesn't cut it for an NES game cover.

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Good lord do we have to do this one? ALL IT IS, IS BARBIE AND A FEW WORDS ABOUT THE GAME!!! IT'S ALMOST A PHOTO, NO WAIT, IT IS A PHOTO!!!! This isn't the worst box art, but it's down there. This could easily just be a box for a Barbie Set. They probably spent about 5 minutes on this cover.

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Wow.... Elevator Action... Getting away from the oddness of the game, LOOK AT THE BOX ART!!! why does his face look like a solid rock and he's about to cry? The cover is a bit poorly drawn and it's just so random that this man is holding a gun and waiting for an elavator. Sorry guys, this is just weird!

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Also, this one could also just be a regular everyday advertisement for Family Feud! So why is it on an NES cartridge. And what's with the changing of the font from the 8-bit NES font to a normal font? Why couldn't they just keep it one and not the other? Also, the white boxes in the background make it look like a SEGA Master System game, not a NES game! Another thing that grinds my gears is that it shows a picture of an EMPTY set! Why not a picture where everything is going on? Not looking like it was abandoned! Going on...

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......No commment.... I think this cover made LESS people want to buy this! I mean look at it! It looks like a bunch of fags stretching and wearing gay ass head bands and stuff.