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Well... I'm Russian, so if you hate mistakes, go away. I mean, I studied English in Russian school only, and i wasn't very good student...

Now, I want to tell you about NES in Russia.
It was 1993 when I got my NES... But it's name was Dendy. It was an illegal clone... And it was sold legally in Russia. It's came to my country exactly that year. Well, two years later you would play Saturn or Playstation... It would be very cool to got a SNES for Chrismas in Russia. Sega MegaDrive would be cool too. But Dendy... Oh, yes, children are using it even nowadays, in 2008.
In 1993 it was an revolution. WOW, I CAN CONTROL IT! IT'S ALIVE! No, really. Nearly every family had Dendy in 1993~1996. It was cheaper then the NES or Famicom, but it was still expensive for some families. Cartridges were chinese too - like that Famiclones. If you bought Dendy console, you usually got one 99999999 in 1 with it. Of course there wasn't 99999999 games in it. You got something like Snow Bros., Mario, Goonies or even a pack of hacks.

So i didn't like Mario, Goonies, Ice Climber, etc.

The first cartridge I got was 99999999 in 1, so I'm not going to tell you about it. It's rubbish. Everyone had that thing, you couldn't even change it with one of your friends!

The second was "4 in 1". There were Tiny Toon, G.I.Joe and something else, I forgot. I didn't care about G.I.Joe, but Tiny Toon was really cool game. We had TAS on air in 1999 only, but I had one VHS with two episodes and the movie too. Every Tiny Toon game was very interesting...

Another cartridge I liked looked exactly like this:
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It was fighting-game. AV Bishoujo Senshi Girl Fighting. Yes. For NES. Yes. It's crap. But I liked it pretty much, cause there were sailor-soldiers.
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The gameplay was awful, the joystick lived his own life... But Sailor Moon... You know, I was a girl after all...

I also had some "xx in 1" and there was "Battle City". Oh, yes, it was the best game ever. I remember the evenings my sister and me played it. Also I have an association with grandmother, cause we often played that game, when our parents did they business and grandma looked after us. She often told "Sasha, Christine, maybe, you will go and play with your toys? I want to watch TV"... Of course we didn't listen until she shouted at us.

Another wonderful games were Aladdin and Lion King. They were ported to NES by some chinese guys from Genesis and SNES and i liked to play that games... I mean, until I got Sega Genesis when my Dendy was broken.
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Unfortunately, there was only a half of levels in the Lion King.

Chessmaster was very boring game. A lot of parents bought it for children... Well, my didn't. But Sergey Suponev in the "Dendy - The New Reality" told about this game 3(!) times!

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Oh, "The New Reality"... It was a big commercial on the main Russian channel. But we liked that thing, cause Suponev told us about the console games. The only consoles he told about were Sega Genesis, SNES, Gameboy and Dendy. Well, he told something about Virtual Boy, Panasonic 3DO, Atari Jaguar and Nintendo 64, but only few words. I remember he said "Wow, cool, there's chit-codes on the back of that Dendy cartridge". Also I can remember the show when he got list of most popular games for SNES in America (from the Nintendo Power) and he didn't know what the Final Fantasy series was. It's pretty funny now, I think.
And he told "Buy the cartridges and consoles in the "Official" Dendy Shops, cause our products has perfect quality"... Hey, guy, what were you talking about? That was the same yellow cartridges like in the chinese markets! It was a bit expensive - there's the difference.

In 1995 my first Dendy was broken. I turned it on, but it didn't work at all... So I asked mom to buy Sega Genesis for me.
I got Sega Genesis in 1995, Sony Playstation in 1997 or 1998... But Dendy... Argh... It was really cool console. Well... In 1993.

Sorry for my terrible English. I really tried to make no mistakes, but it's very difficult.