NOTICE:This Is Based On Spongeroks's Article"Changes For Nickelodeon"

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I Couldn't belive that cartoon network was very good in the past.Now I Sat That Cartoon Network Is Now Nothing But A Piece Of SHIT.Who Cares.I Don't Give A Fuck.
It's Bull Shit That Cartoon Network's Gone Very Downhill(A Lot)

First,I Want Some Shows Deleted From The Network

Naruto(Worst Of Them All)
Ben 10
The New Scooby Doo Movies
What's New Scooby Doo?
Scooby Doo,Where Are You?
Out Of Jimmy's Head
Baby Looney Toons

About My Life Of The Network

Lots of people hate what's on cartoon network.just cartoon cartoons,kids wb originals and the classics i hate scooby doo & tom and Jerry.well,I like some
some tom and jerry cartoons.and now,life for me is like
article imagea storyboard,you might not now what's happen to you next,people would draw your next move.And i feel like i'm stuck on a 1990's retro cartoon
on tv.or beeing sucked on to the computer and your trapped on

You Know What We Should Have?
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Ed Edd n Eddy

The Only Shows We Should Have On Cartoon Network Are Ed Edd n Eddy,Kids Next Door(Some Episodes),Billy And Mandy,The Ren & Stimpy Show And Jackie Chan Adventures.Becuase Those Are 5-Star Shows I Rate And Their Good.Ren & Stimpy is The Best Nicktoon I Seen I Perdict That Ren And Stimpy Will Change From Nicktoon To Cartoon Cartoon.

So Stop Tuning Into Cartoon Network.Becuase It's Now All Fucked Up.SCREW CARTOON NETWORK