Even though it's still open, it has a bit of a retro feel to it, and the first was open in the early 80's, so i consider it retro.
In the late 70's in Little Rock, Arkansas, two establishments existed side by side in location but worlds apart in concept.

Inside the classic setting of the Missouri Pacific Train Station, two very different establishments enjoyed a brisk trade. A man named Buster ran a favorite watering hole. Buster's restaurant boasted casual elegance, warm historic ambience and wonderful eclectic food served up by some of the friendliest people in town.

Next door another man was also enjoying a bustling business. Dave ran "Slick Willy's World of Entertainment." Here people were almost irresistibly drawn by his selection of outrageous fun and games for big people. These two young entrepreneurs and neighbors became fast friends.

Dave and Buster soon discovered they had a unique traffic phenomenon. Patrons would often be seen going from one business to the other. An idea began to form: What would happen if they put both establishments under one roof?

After a year or so of scratching out a rough plan, Dave and Buster gathered a few hard-earned dollars, a few close friends and went in search of the right location to begin building a dream. In 1982, the first Dave and Buster's opened to the public in Dallas, Texas.

Dave and Buster's currently has around 50 locations scattered across the big cities in North America. That doesn't just mean the USA, mind you. They have one location in Canada, AND in Mexico.

Dave and Busters is basically a resturaunt with a HUGE midway...basically like a mature version of Chuck E. Cheese's and a WHOLE lot more options in the restaraunt then pizza and salad, and TONS of more games!

Me and my family still go there from time to time. The horse races, skee ball, and watermobile (is that what you call it?!) is what i loved the most. I was so sad when i came to find they took the watermobile game away....it was my alltime favorite. It was basically like snow mobile racing, except on water.

In return from playing the games, you got redemption tickets, which you could redeem at the winner's circle, and feed your tickets into the computer, and go in and get a cool prize. It's always been a bit overpriced, but i always managed to get a little something.

The restaraunt was one of the best parts! The food is so good, one time me and my family went around 3:00, and we didn't eat ANY dinner that night, we were all so full from stuffing ourselves with that stuff. I always get the Chad's Cheeseburger and fries. You can't beat something that satisfying.

You went home, prize in hand, belly full, with a satisfying feeling always in you, staying dormant until next time.

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