My first article and most likley the most important. (Sorry about grammar errors) Though many an article like this has come before I will try my best to make the most accurate and detailed look at the thing I feel the most sorry for about the current generation of kids. Lets start with what we know about our tv growing up:

Power Rangers, Transformers, TMNT, and Double Dare ruled the tube back in the day with several other popular shows such as GUTS, Rocko's Modern life, figure it out, Rugrats (in its prime), All that, and several others the list goes on

Now what do we know about kids tv today:
Overappreciated by our media. Now with disney leading the charge and the others following with overly preppy pop music, poorly animated cartoons, live action with terrible acting, and other issues with some our favorites washed up and half dead like power rangers or terribly remade like TMNT.

Now we know what happened in the 90's so we will skip that and start as Conan O' Brien would say in the year 2000.

2000-A year that looked promising a year that showed the relaunch of Double Dare, the birth of a yellow sea sponge that has helped and hurt us over the years and the birth of Rocket Power a.k.a. a summary of generation X sports and lingo. Disney Channel was promising as well with hits like The Jersey, So Weird, The Famous Jett Jackson, and the birth of even stevens in the mix, With all of cartoon networks Cartoon Cartoons still in play it was a good year for kids tv
Power ranger year-lightspeed rescue

2001-Not much happened in this year except the birth of the Fairly Odd Parents and Justice League along with other lesser known shows and the end of Double Dare 2000 but it was just the calm before the storm
power ranger year-time force

2002-a bad year in the history of kids tv the death of zoog disney, the birth of a new disney channel logo and an apparent change in the format of shows, the start of including cheesy originaly made pop music with kids tv through the birth of Hillary Duff's joke of a singing career, the death of disney's one saturday morning, and the power rangers being bought by disney so pretty much this is when disney started its take over plan
power ranger year-wild force

2003-If 2002 was a kids tv heart attack than 2003 were the diffibulators to its heart with the birth of Teen Titans one of the greatest action cartoons in years
power rangers year-ninja storm

2004-Another terrible year for kids tv cartoon network with a logo and format and with toonami taking the place of the saturday night entertainment system so miguzi could take its weekday time slot.
power rangers year-dino thunder

2005- a decent year where nothing really happened besides more changes to kids wb and the death of the fox box and Nickelodeon's Slime-Time but lets put it this way if 2001 was the calm before the storm 2005 was the calm before hurricane Katrina
power rangers year-spd

2006-like the death dealing blow ivan drago gave apollo creed this was definatley the worst year in the history of kids tv with the death of several shows such as Justice league unlimited, Teen titans, the Fairly Odd Parents, Danny Phantom, Jimmy Neutron and countless others it seemed hopeless and then it got worse as in january of that year High School Musical was released by disney and hit kids tv hard with bad acting, bad story, bad music, bad lyrics, bad singing and bad dancing which made the birth of Hannah Montana another show which features all of the above mentioned about high school musical along with the changing of other disney shows to compliment the success of the movie. Cartoon network also suffered this year by the add ons of My Gym Partner is a Monkey and Squirel Boy
power rangers year-mystic force

2007-things got worse this year as other channels tried to immitate disney's success with nickelodeon's Naked Brothers Band featuring kids with no talent whatsoever and has no plot whatsoever. Put it this way if Seinfeld is the show about nothing than I haven't the slightest idea what the Naked Brothers Band is. Yet another bad blow this year was the premeire of cartoon network's Out of Jimmy's Head cartoon network's terrible and useless atempt into live action. And if all this wasn't bad enough High School Musical got a sequel and talks are for a third to hit theaters. 2007 was another bad year.
power rangers year-operation overdrive 15th anniversary season

To sum up in one sentence what we just discussed it would be we need to act and act now or else the effects of what is happening could be irreversable.