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There is a place called Toon Disney.
It's only on premium cable.
But the picture above, is not the one I love.
It's the one we see today.
But let's take a look on it's heyday.
Since it got it like it was - yesterday...

Toon Disney's Golden Ages (according to my experience)

Another done day of school, so much work, like a mad clerck.
Then my father picks me up (I didn't take the bus xD) to show me a big surpirse.
We're at our local cable company and he said "We're switching to premium cable, son!".
I was SOOOOOO exicted.
When we came back home, I was excited than ever before!
I was flipping through the channels, the I saw something ATRACTIVE, something ingenuis, something inovative, something inspriational. It was...
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It became my favorite channel of all time! It had classic Disney shows like Pepper Ann and such! It was almost a trip to memory lane! And I like, almost watched it through the WHOOOLE night on New Year's Eve 2003! 2004 came and Toon Disney was still goin' strong, but one thing that was unimportant to me came on Valentine's Day.
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It was Jetix, or as they say it: "JEH-TICKSSS!"

The nightly block was good, but had too much Power Rangers in my opinion. Now, here is a treat. The Toon Disney schedule as of early 2004!
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Toon Disney Today

Toon Disney is no longer my favorite channel anymore. It has animated crap from Disney Channel and the Jetix block is now 14-17 hours a day! It shows only a FEW classic shows and those are Recess, TaleSpin, Chip 'n' Dale Rescue Rangers, Batman: The Animated Series, Superman: The Animated Series, The Tick, and Pinky and The Brain. Those are good, but I WANT Pepper Ann, DuckTales, Hercules, 101 Dalmations, Teacher's Pet, Teamo Supremo, Disney's Doug (yeah I'm a fan of the new one), Garfield & Friends, Lloyd In Space, Timon & Pumbaa, and the DOUBLE FEATURE MOVIE SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

We must send a message to Disney-ABC Television Group that simply says "BRING BACK THE GOLDEN YEARS OF TOON DISNEY!"

A Little Memorial:
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Toon Disney: 1998-2006
Your golden years must rest in peace for now...