Writer's Corner

Welcome to Retro Junk's Writer's Corner! This is where users can go to write their own articles for the site. You can write about nearly anything as long as you remember it fondly from your past and think others would too.
Tips to insure your article will make it onto Retro Junk. (Remember not all articles will be approved)
  • For a good idea of what an article should look like take a look at some of the top articles in the archives.
  • Remember these are articles not forum posts. Take your time and make them a good read.
  • Format your article carefully. We have tried to give the user flexibility in the ways they can format text size, color, alignment etc. This can result in a nice, unique and easy to read article or a complete disaster. Remember often less is more.
  • Try to have whatever you are writing an article about on hand so you can have a fresh point of reference. For instance if you are writing about a movie hit up Netflix and watch while you write.
  • Pictures, videos or Youtube clips are not required but they can be a helpful aid in jogging the readers nostalgia bone and are usually well received.
  • Properly crop and size the pictures for your article. If you do not have a program to edit images you can pick up the free application GIMP.