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Quote O' Matic
  • Kylo Ren: Look how old you've become.
  • Lor San Tekka: Something far worse has happened to you.
  • Kylo: You know what I've come for.
  • Lor: I know where you come from. Before you called yourself "Kylo Ren".
  • Kylo: The map to Skywalker. We know you found it. And now you're going to give it to the First Order.
  • Lor: The First Order rose from the Dark Side. You did not.
  • Kylo: I'll show you the Dark Side.
  • Lor: You may try. But you cannot deny the truth that is your family.
  • Kylo: You're so right. [Activates his lightsaber and kills Lor]
  • Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens