Top ten songs of my childhood

The songs that made me who i am
August 10, 2007
When I was young, there were songs that made me who I am today.

10.) Still haven't found what I'm looking for- U2. This song chokes me up every time I hear it. I mean I cannot listen to it without wanting cry. Kind of reminds me of Nantucket.

9.) What is love?-Haddaway. This song, is what got me hooked onto dance music of the 90s. He had a great voice. His other hit, Life, was a waste of time for me.

8.) Freak like me- Adina Howard. Reminds me of one of my mothers friends daughter. Her daughter was a teenager, and listened to stuff like this. The beat is what made the song worthwhile. The dog barking in the background, if you can hear it, makes it dramatic.

7.) Turn the beat around- Gloria Estefan. After my parents divorced, my music scene changed. There was more soft rock that my mother listened to. This was a fun and catchy beat.

6.) U Cant touch this- MC Hammer. When i was in K-1st grade, we would listen to the song for fun time, even though the popularity of it had waned.
5.) Mr. Vain- Culture Beat. After my parents divorced, my mother would listen to this over and over again. Mr. Vain is kind of like my father.

4.) Here Comes the Hotstepper-Ini Kamoze. I had a dance to this, that I had somehow come up with. I met Ini at the Atlantic Cafe this summer, he's really a funny guy.

3.) 'Til I hear it from you- Gin Blossoms. Reminds me of the period after the divorce of my parents. My mother would not speak to him for a while.

2.) Rhythm is a Dancer-Snap!. Reminds me of a noreaster, one that they called "The storm that would not die" As the storm raged outside, WRZE, our local hip hop station played this to death.

1.) Gangsta's Paradise-Coolio. Made me like rap for a few months. Sort of formed me into a musical hybrid, sort of like a rap-rock-pop-hair-ballad lover.

Sorry for the bare bones, but this is all I could come up with.
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