Secret War

A important issue i would like for all to read.
March 20, 2008
The first sign of their presence began in 1097, by this time, they held a very strong and powerful grip on England who at this point in history was united under one crown by William the Conqueror. The priests of christondom promoted a crusade to capture the holy land of Jerusalem, in the name of Jesus Christ.

(Above:) The American Eagle, looks harmless enough doesnt it? The freemasons believe that 3, 13 and 33 are all devine numbers, there are 33 "Degrees" in Masonry, these Degrees are promotions. Well count how many stars there are on the American Seal, Count the stripes on the flag, hmm and how many arrows and leaves are there? I wonder.

While the knights of christondom battled against the armies of Islam, outside the high gates of Jerusalem, the secret society were pulling the strings on the outcome. This secret society built on shadow and the ultimate lust for power would be the grand masters of almost every war and major turning point in history. They were known as the Knights of the Temple of Solomon, or simply, the Templar Knights. They believed in the Kabalah, a form of mysticism, Jewish magic dating back to ancient Egypt.

(Above:) The All-seeing-eye that is on the American one dollar bill comes from the Masons belief of a "One world government". The "One Eye" on top of the pyramid shows supremacy over all, and the ultimate control that they determine to possess. "Novus Ordo Secronum" Is also on the Dollar bill, translated from Latin, it means "New World Order". Hmmm, and they dont want to control the world?

While the Crusades were being fought in the name of God and his Will, The Templar Knights were there for their own selfish reasons. The first ever temple of Solomon was built in Jerusalem and was a place of worship for Solomon, one of the great kings. After being captured by the Arabian armies, led by the General of Saracens, Salahadin, the Christians abandoned it. But it was not what was in this temple which concerned the Templar Knights, it was what was under it. A golden treasure and holy items believed to be the cup of life, this was the true purpose of the war. After the 3 year war at Jerusalem ended, and when the French finally siezed the great walls of the city. King Richard, King of England at the time was given evidence of the slaughtering that the Templar Knights did to the Muslims of Jerusalem. He also uncovered their true relegion, and labeled them as Heretics to Christianity, and convicted them of homosexuality, Idle worship, and also Witch craft and Black Magic. Every Templar knight was to be killed, and their temples to be burnt to the ground. The remaining ones that were alive, swore to secrecy and fled the country

(Above:) Since humans could pick up a stick, wars have been fought for land, money and power, nothings changed. Freemasons have very silently and deviously altered the perception of peoples views on wars and historical turning points via the media or direct contact, such as invasions and plagues of diseases. The French Revolution was no different.

(Above:) Man has established some wonderful milestones, majority of these are for the good of man kind and to an easier life-style. AIDS is not one of these.
When the outbreak of the AIDS epidemic shocked the world, German and American scientists blamed the AIDS virus was caused by Africans performing intercourse with Green-Monkeys. But 4 years after the AIDS Virus, an Indian Scientific Institute of Natural Causes claimed that the AIDS virus was no where to be found in nature, stating that the virus could only survive in the human body and no where else. They also commented that they believed the virus was intended as Biowarfare, created in labs to extinct the Blacks. Straight after this report hit the English newspaper "The Time" it was forked as an "outrageous and disgraceful act against America" by a certain scientific group in Illinois.

The templar knights hid in shadow, for if they ever wished to survive they would have to die, or more precisley their name would have to die. They then master minded a plan that has changed the very pages of history, they migrated to the very place that was in need of dire independance from England. Scottland. The death of William Wallace gave the Scottish people less hope, the Templar Knights made a secret alliance with the king of Scottland, Robert the Bruce. The Bruce accepted their alliance and their skill and years of fighting the mighty armies of Islam would pay of. The Scottish met the English forces and defeated them. After the death of the English king, England was left without a throne, by right of succession the King of Scottland became king of England, making the Templar Knights power even more expandable, England and Scottland were now united.

(Above:) Many celebrities do not openly announce that they are Freemasons, or practice the Kaballah, Madonna is an exception, in many of her music clips she openly shows hints of Masonry. Watch some of them and see for yourself.

The Templar Knights had changed their name by this time, and in 1307 they announced publicly their new Society. A name that would be heard by millions, but understood by a few, the name of Freemasons. Freemasons began to pull the strings of Kings and Queens, holding ultimate power in their hands, and freely being able to endulge in their ancestral rights, the Kabalah.
for the next 350 years they would hold Europe in their grip, believing in the prophets of old, that the day would come when the "Devine Creator" would come, and all non-believers woud burn. The biggest turning point of their Masonic way of thinking was the French Revolution (1789-1799). Spreading as far as the land which they fled 600 years before. France was falling due to absolute Monarchy, the lesser fortunate people were in rebel. A speach that was given by one Louis De`chou and i quote: "Gentlemen, as i am standing here, and recieving the applause from my right, and the applause from my left, i see we all agree that it was Masonry that made the French Revolution"

(Above:) The Compass and the ruler is another less-commonly used symbol of the Masons. It represents the ultimate creation of the Universe by there "Great Architect" Who they believe will come before the end of Days, every other religion calls him the Antichrist.

When the first settlers came to the land of America, they not only brang uncultured people, brutal weapons, but also the Masonic way of thinking.
The Freemasons after discovering America were now the most well respected, and least known society in the modern world. The world has just witnessed the first ever Masonic country in the world, America. On April 30th, 1789, George Washington, standing on the balcony of Federal Hall, on Wall Street in New York, took his oath of office as the first President of the United States. Or was it the first Mason-President of the United States.

Their presence is everywhere, they are the master engineers of the world, the wars that you and your loved ones fight are in shadow, in their name, you are fighting for what they believe in. They are everywhere, when you turn on your television, they are their, they sit with you when you read your newspaper, they listen to you when you turn on the radio, and they feed you the Masonic way of thinking when you see the Presidents and Governments of the world speek out. They have their own laws, they believe in ultimate power, a one world government. They are the media, they are Christianity, they are the Jews, and they are the Muslims. No one is safe. They pull the strings of the countries of the world, and their decisions are all for the end. For they believe in the Antichrist, The "Great Architect of the Universe". They are the forebringers of him, waiting his arrival. They poison your mind with their garbage day after day, do your own research, dont take my own word for it, read about the history pages that have been whiped out with white ink and the pages stuck together. They are the Freemasons, and for you who wish to be a free thinking mind, you are their greatest fear, for a person who wishes to think freely, is the greatest threat to their plan for ultimate world power.

Dont fall under the tyranny of the All-seeing-eye.

Alex Jones has been fighting these people for years now, go on his website and support his cause! Remember, its your life there controlling to!
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