my top 10 favorite cartoons

my most favorite characters
September 30, 2008
As a kid growing up i loved to watch cartoons,i mean its
why i am a cartoonist!!!. it all started with a cool show called tiny toons.i loved how myra chased bugs bunny and how daffy,lola,tazz went to there little toon school.

My second favorite cartoon is THE LITTLE MERMAID.why? because i think that it was cool how the creators of the cartoon brought greek mythology to life about a mermaid
in a good way.

My third favorite cartoon is the THE SNORKS. i liked the snorks because......THEY WERE SO CUTE!!!!.they had there little village and when i doubt the always figue something out. the theme song goes"come along with the snorks,swim along with the snorks,so much to see wating for you and me just come along with the snorks.

My forth favorite is THE SMURFS.the reason is because they remind me of the snorks,except they don't have the
little tube above there head.i also like it because when i
was growing up i use to babysit alot and that was the one show that would keep whomever i was babysitting quiet.

My fifth cartoon was JOISE AND THE PUSSY CATS. the reason them because i thought that it was a very stlyish cartoon about an all girl bad that was half human and half cat.

My sixth favorite cartoon was POPEYE. the reason why him because he encouraged kids to eat there spinach and to stand up for themselves.

My seventh favorite cartoon is TOM & JERRY. why them because jerry always think's that he can outwit tom when in reality we all knoe who can outwit who,and it sorta kinda reminds you of things that happned back in the day.

My eighth favorite cartoon is CHARLIE BROWN the reason charlie brown was because it was naturally funny.especially snoopy and the little birdy;there always daydreaming about them being superheroes;to lionel and his blanket i enjoy charlie brown.(especially the halloween special.

My ninth favorite cartoon is SCOOBY DOO. the reason why i like scooby doo is because i gives you a taste of
how investigating crime is;putting things back together
were they belong;in a good way.

My last favorite the best for last is THE FLINSTONES. the reason them because the cartoon shows you life in the prehistoric times;they use bones to tie up your hair,elephants for a sink,i really liked that cartoon and i still do.

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