Ghost Toys of Christmas Past.

A look back at the fads.
December 29, 2007
It's a few days before Christmas and everyone knows that toys sell the most this season. Christmas is the one day of the year were boys and girls ages 2 to 12 get the favorite toys they see in ad magazines, at there local department store, or huge chain shopping market. The parents remembering Christmas past and their feeling about setting there and opening the new Ken doll or getting the newest edition of Hot Wheels Dodge Chargers. In the 70's it was Inch Worm or an Evil Knievel Stunt Biker. The 80's brought along He-Man and the Thunder Cats. Lastly the 90's had Batman, Pokemon, and the Power Ranges. So here are the changes of toys, how they moved, the fads, and the changes of standers from over the years.

Lets start with the 60's. It was an age were kids were still wholesome after the 50's. No one cared about lead paint; it wasn't banned in the U.S. until 1978. The 60's brought in Barbie's boy toy Ken. Back then the commercial had Barbie and Ken going on dream dates, and telling little girls that Ken could help them live out there wedding of there dreams in toy form. Boys' back then wanted to be like their favorite spy. It was fantasy to take down a Soviet. That's why they also wanted G.I. Joe. Cobra to me reminds me of a Soviet style bad guy.

Then with the evolution of certain things and a more TV based attitude brought along the toys of the 70's. Star Trek toys burst on the scene. Their action figures were in the same style as G.I. Joe. I laughed at this but my dad told me it was state of the art that was the old walkie-talkie with the seemingly six-foot antenna. Being Star Trek they called it a Tricorder, and another thing that I noticed Star Trek was another first of is, chose you're on adventure on tape, and tape recorder, in the same bundle. I found this hilarious. Now a favorite little kids toy from back then was Inch Worm, a favorite character from the show Romparoom. I don't know if it's my own dirty mind, but if you go the video on this site and watch the commercial doesn't it look wrong to you too. The song is weird too. “Inch Worm, Inch Worm, ride up and down on your Inch Worm.” After watching that I laughed so hard I had a splitting headache that lasted over twelve hours.

The 80's was the decade that invented a lot of the things kids today want the improved version of. Arcades were popular back then, and in the 70's there were crappy home versions on the games, but like all things bad they needed batteries. Then there was the Magnavox gaming console and the Atari, but nothing rocked the gaming industry like a box that only costs $120, came with a robot, a gun, a game, and a fat gray little system. The almighty Nintendo Entertainment System. This blew everything else out of the water. Kids who played with the Transformers and Thunder Cats toys threw down their action figures so they could beg their mom for one. This begins an age of sitting in front a TV screen controller in hand and vegetating for hours.

The 90's, the decade that was at the beginning a transition point from the 80's and a fast forward for the '00 generation. The 90's made a huge improvement on video games, and made computer 3D the normal household thing. Computers had the Internet, and kids were fueled by one deep need. That need was to catch'em all. It started in the U.S. in 1995, and burned down everything else in its path. To question Pokemon was like to put a stamp on your head the read loser in elementary school. Boy had and so did girls. Everybody watched the show, played the games, and bought the cards hoping that in side the pack laid the super rare Charizard card. I was at a flea market one time and I seen this card on a dealers table with a 50 dollar price tag on it. I begged my mom for it, but it was, like most things I would kill, too expensive. Now I look at them on Ebay, and it makes me sick to see one go for 10 bucks.

I hope these brought memories back to you of toys that you wanted from the past. From the parent who has kids now who want the Nintendo Wii, or want to catch the 9 millionth Pokemon, Pickizzazord, or some stupid name of some new retard Pokemon. Happy Holidays, or Marry Christmas, or whatever you celebrate.
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