My 90's Experiance

Mt experianced growing up in the 90's.
July 27, 2009
The 90's where a spectacular time. I'm going to show you my experiences as we look back on all the toy's and fads of the 90's.

Fads: Though I didn't participate in all of the fads there where a few I did.

Tamagotchi's where a huge hit. I had one. I don't remember what it was called but it was red.

It looked like this only it was red:

Another was the yo yo fad. I remember after school all the kids would play with their yoyos. Some of them lit up:

And of course the Pokemon craze.

Now I have a confession to make; I never liked Pokemon. I said that I did though because well, everyone els did.

I even remember asking for Pokemon cards for Christmas, and my parents telling me how pointless it was. I'm glad they did frankly.

And now [my favorite part] THE TOYS:

Some of my oldest memories go back to playing with Street Sharks

And then there was Batman.

I got this awesome batmobile around Christmas of 94 I think:

Now I never had this one but I always wanted it. I remember seeing it at target.

When the movie Independence Day came out It was my absolute favorite movie. I got these for Christmas and also the F18 fighter jet but I could not find a picture of that.

One of my favorite shows was Gargoyles! I had these and one year I was Goliath for Halloween with blow up wings.

Nickelodeon Gak was another fun Christmas present I got:

Don't forget about the Deluxe "Vulture!" One of Spider mans worst enemies:

Stretch ARMSTRONG!!!!

And last but not least the yackback. When I was opening present's on one of those wonderful 90's Christmas mornings I found a yackback in my stoking. It had a recording of one of Santa's "elves" on it. Later in life I found out that it was my dad.

And now time for some light reading:

Another Great Part about growing up was 1 Goosebumps and 2 Calvin and Hobbes. That was some of the only reading I did.

Calvin & Hobbes know how to live don't they.

The End
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