My PSX Memories-Retrospective

We start with the classic known as Crash Bandicoot
July 24, 2013
I remember when I was a kid, I had a Playstation with Tekken 2, Twisted Metal, Twisted Metal 2, Crash Bandicoot, etc. I'm going to tell you about my memories about Crash Bandicoot.

The year was 1996, when a company known as Naughty Dog had created a mascot for the Sony Playstation with the game called Crash Bandicoot

The game's story was that one night, some evil scientist named Dr. Neo Periwinkle Cortrex with his assistant, Dr. Nitrus Brio, had captured 2 bandicoots, one male and one female, in the Wumpa Islands.

He then took them to his island to do experiments on them to make them super soldiers. He put the male bandicoot under experimentation with the Evolvo-Ray which Brio perfected. The evolution was a success. Cortex then planned to put Crash into the Cortex Vortex to brainwash him. Brio warned Cortex that the vortex had not yet been completed and he had no idea what could happen. Crash had escaped the Vortex and the castle. He then decides to go after Cortex Castle to save Tawna, the female bandicoot, from Cortex and prevent him from taking over the world. Crash went through N.Sanity Island and found the obese village chief, Papu-Papu, and fought him in self-defense. He then escaped N.Sanity Island and got to Wumpa Island and fought Ripper Roo, one of Cortex's minions that was placed to guard the entrance to the ruins. Crash found TNT-crates and used them to defeat Ripper-Roo. He then went through the ruins and got to the mines to exit to get to Cortex Island. However, the only thing that stood in his way was Koala Kong, a King Kong wannabe guarding Cortex Island. Crash defeated him by deflecting the boulders that Kong threw at him. He then pursed Cortex and went through Cortex Power Plant to destroy the pollution he has caused. He then had to face the CEO, Scarface wannabe, Don Pinstripelli Potorotti aka Pinstripe. Crash had managed to get Pinstripe to shoot the reactor to shut off the power plant. He then decided to climb the castle walls to the window he came out of. Despite stormy weather, he managed to brave the slippery climb (which I HATED that level when I was a kid) and get into the castle and navigate through the dark hallways. He then fought N.Brio and managed to defeat him. However, the chemicals N.Brio used started to ignite the castle and Crash decided to escape through the lab. He got to Cortex's airship and fought Cortex himself. Crash spun back the projectiles Cortex fired and presumably killed Cortex and saved Tawna. Now about the gameplay. The game was great and helped the PSX compete against the N64. Here is some levels to show you:
Slippery Climb:


Hog Wild:


The game was fun, but very hard as well. To get the gems in the game unlike the rest of the series, you cannot die when smashing all of the boxes, making Slippery Climb even HARDER if you're trying to get 100% (which I have never done). If you want to try to get it, it's on PSN for 6 bucks. I'd recommend it.
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