Brandon Lee: A Portrait PT. 1

They don't make actors today like they used to. But some actors are worth remembering.
June 20, 2006

Brandon Lee

Brandon Lee. The son of martial arts legend Bruce Lee, became the ebodiment of a generation, through his performances on screen. While none of his early work really stands out, one film, and unfortunatly his last, he made a perfomace which spoke to an entire generation.

The Crow

It was a film which was inspired by the comics of James O' Barr. The main characters of the comics were a man named Eric Draven and his girlfriend, Shelly Webster.

They are assaulted by a gang of street thugs after their car breaks down. Eric is shot in the head and is paralysed, and can only watch as Shelly is savagely beaten and raped. She dies at the scene. Eric survives and is taken to a hospital, but while surgeons are trying to save his life, the Crow comes to him and convinces him he needs to let go of his life. Only by dying can the Crow help him exact his revenge.

One year later, Eric is resurrected by the Crow to seek out vengeance on the murderers, methodically stalking and killing them. Eric stays in the house that he shared with Shelly when not on the hunt. He spends most of his time there lost in memories of Shelly. Her absence is torture for him, and he stays in hideous emotional pain. This is ironic, as he cannot feel physical pain, even when he mutilates himself; also, injuries he suffers heal very rapidly, leaving him scarred but intact. The Crow acts as a guide and goad for Eric, giving him information that helps him in his quest but also chastising him for dwelling on Shelly's death, seeing his pining as useless self-indulgence that distracts him from his purpose.who came back from the dead through the power of the Crow.

The film version differs storyline wise from the original comic. In the movie, Eric is killed when he is thrown out of the window of his apartment window, while Shelly is rapped and savagely stabbed. She lingers on in the hospital for over 30 hours after the attack, before her body finally gives up. One year later the crow brings Eric back from the dead, and forces him to relive his tragic last moments.

Eric is determined to extract revenge on those who murdered Shelly and him, so he dawns the makeup and sets out into the night searching for them.

His first victim is Tin Tin.

The one who rapped Shelly repeatly and cut her with his various knives. Some of which he was still carrying with him. Eric finds him hanging out in a back alley. Near a shop where he had pawned the engagement ring which Eric had given Shelly the year before.

Before Tin Tin dies, he admits to Eric where he pawned Shelly's engagment ring. Eric heads over there, and breaks in to the suprise of the gun wielding store clerk.

After Eric retrives Shelly's engagment ring, he spills gasoline all over the store counter and loads a ton of engagment rings into a shotgun he takes from the store clerk. Eric then makes him admit were he can find "Flyboy" another member of the gang which murdered him and Shelly, before wasting his store.

As Eric leaves the destroyed store a police officer named Albret pulls up to the scene and draws his gun on him.

As it turns out Officer Albret was there at the crime scene where both he and Shelly were murdered one year ago.

Eric enlightens him a bit, talking about Shelly and Tin Tin and making some small talk about how the people who killed him and shelly are already dead. Albret is distracted by some looters who are taking advantage of the store, and Eric slips away.

Eric then encounters his old friend Sarah, he and Shelly took care of her when they were alive. Sarah's mom is a drug addict, and seeing one of the people who killed him and Shelly. Sarah accidentally gets ahead of herself and rides out into an oncomming car, Eric saves her.

Sarah doesn't recognize Eric, with the makeup on. She asks him if he's supposed to be a clown. To which Eric answers "Sometimes."

Sarah then walks away, describing how skating is much like "surfing" because of the constant rain. She then says that she wishes it would stop raining just once. Eric replies "It can't rain all the time."

Sarah then remembers that the phrase "It Can't Rain all the time" was a lyric from one of Eric's songs. She then realizes who he is and turns around, but Eric is gone.

Eric then seeks out "Flyboy" and finds him with Sarah's mother. He then challenges Flyboy to shoot him dead bang. And he does, to suprising results.

Eric then drops Flyboy and turns his attention to Sarah's mother.

Eric tells Sarah's mother that "Mother is name for God on the lips of Children." and that "Morphine is bad for you." He also explains to her that Sarah is out on the street looking for her, and that she needs to take care of her, because she's her responsiblitiy now.

Sarah's mother then leaves and the next day, she returns home, much to Sarah's suprise.

Eric continues his quest for justice. He then kills next guy by strapping him to his car, and driving it into a the river with an explosive between his legs.

He then creates another a symbol as a warning to those who prey upon the weak and the powerless.

That's it for now. I'll be posting the second half of the film soon.
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