The 90's did live on.

Comparing the past to the present.
July 12, 2013
Hello people of retro junk! Today's article is about a bitter sweet topic. The fact that a lot of 90's things did linger on for a while in the early 2000's but most people forget that. While it is good that they stayed, it is sad that not much people remember it. It's just good that modern teenagers experienced alot of quality stuff from the 90's to.

Heres some cartoons that stayed.
Hey Arnold- 1996-2004
Rugrats- 1991-2004
The wild thorn berrys- 1998-2004
The Amanda show- 1999-2002
Catdog- 1998-2005
Rocket power- 1999-2004
I know this sparks up a lot of conterversy on the internet between 90's kids and 00's kids. Face it the real reason kids born in the late 90's think they are 90's kids is because they had alot of the same things. Can't we just stop fighting and do what we should be doing,reminsing to happy memorys. They also still had furbys, tamagotchis,troll dolls, fruit roll ups, fruit by the foot, tech decks, pokemon, and lots of other stuff 90's kids had. Lets put down the rude comments. It is wrong for one group to fight with the other about such a silly thing as when you were born.

I will admit, in the 90's kids still played outside and obeyed there parents. Things back then were more simple, and gas only costed a dollar 50. But there were good things in the 2000's too. I know, morals are infidently more important then stupid things like pop culture and toys. but let's face it, modern kids are doomed. Fighting with thirteen year olds on the interenet about old cartoons won't do anything to help the problem. This may be the reoson kids today don't have nearly as much charecter as kids from the 70's, 80's and 90's, we need to treat them like children. Stop being a child. Thank you.
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