Childhood 1992-2002

By Popular Demand
January 03, 2008

I was born during late spring of 1992, saw my parents, and went home to see my siblings for the first time in my whole life. My life was very nice for the time being, I got to see the rest of my relatives, and everything was peaceful.


During 1993, a blizzard came through our area as said before, but it only dropped 8 inches of snow, causing loss of power due to the weight of snow dropped. Other than that, I really do not remember anything else from that year.


1994 was a bad year for me; I was tortured a little, mostly my dad did that. Second, I was starting to get hungrier more faster than in 1992 and thirstier. During the winter, we had heavy snow, then it melted the next day very quickly as the temperature quickly rose to the late 60s. The melted snow caused the most flooding I've ever seen.


This year was a bunch of firsts. I started school for the first time ever which was okay, but I only stayed for a few hours like most of you did. Also, this year had a very boring winter, with no snow at all. Third, we had derecho come through, causing cosmetic damage, some of the worst I've ever seen during the hottest temperatures I ever saw, definitly worse than DFW's. We lost power for 3 days afterwards.


We moved out of the deep south during late May after we got done with school. Our new home was located near the Virginia-Maryland border in southern Maryland. During this time, my older twin brother and sister went to a different school while I went to another preschool. Although the year was very quiet, during sometime in late summer 1996, Hurricane Fran came near us as a tropical storm and spreading chaos near me.

Another good year; we got a computer, twins started 1st grade, I started kindergarden. Despite Tropical Storm Danny, it was a straightforward year. Also I stayed at my school while my other twins went somewhere else.


1998 had one hell of a blizzard hit us. During April, I saw the most snow I've ever seen... ever. We lost 2 whole weeks of school and lost em' for good. Second, I finally got out of the school I was in and we were reunited at my twins school. Also, I got a GBC and a SNES this year.


The year 1999 was very crazy. During the first 9 weeks of 2nd grade, Floyd came in as the weakest storm I ever saw. We lost the rest of the week of school due to flooding. We were checking on the neighbors and seeing if they were all right or not. They were, but when I turned on PBS, it started thanking me and I decided to never watch PBS again.


Horrible year. Almost a year anniversary of Floyd, Gordon came through as a more dangerous tropical storm and the strongest I saw. During third grade, we could not drink out of the fountains and I started skipping school and having to take Zoloft due to very high stress. The stress went away as soon as I got an N64.


2001 was a real bitch. I was still repairing the damage I took from Hurricane Gordon (Stress) that obviouisly did not know how to go away. I found CN and thought it was good after the stress went away. August... my dad starting screwing with me. I had to move to Texas and I started having deathwishes on him for not long (Only a week). We all went to a different and more shittier school which providing the following: Bastard Children, Torture, and Boredom. I was forced to go to a symphony. By Thanksgiving, I started developing a threat of depression which was quickly cured but I got sad as the monthes passed.


Another bad year. Monthes passed. My old school was forgoten. I was treated like a slave and went to Miami for four horrible weeks when I could've played games and slept. Despite getting a game boy advance, I started giving away my favorite stash and depression was starting to form by december. 5th grade was torture. We could only use the internet by teacher permission and nothing else. I had last lunch, I was fasting every day. It wasn't long until I starting wanting to repeat columbine as the bullies started pissing me off. However, this was not released to my family or anyone. I kept it to myself.
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