Retro on the mind 90's edition

What do you think of when you hear Retro?
September 11, 2008
For my first Article i was thinking...
When you come to a website called "Retro Junk" what do you expect to find?

How Nostalgic do you get when you hear it?

Myself being a 90's kid (Represent the best decade to grow up in) my mind easily storms through thousands of memories.

But often i think of how many people share memories similar to these, so with that, i move on to the heart of the article.....

When you hear retro do you think......

SNICK, do you think about coming in late in the after noon after a hard day of playing outside knowing in your heart that the best part of the day was just about to start?
Knowing the next few hours it would be just you, some assorted selection of snacks, beverages and one the the best blocks in Television history?
(oh and for everyone who thinks Surge and Vault are the same..Surge was actually a green drink)

Do you think of The Ren and Stimpy show?

Do you think of Gathering with the midnight society not sure how far you would stick your head out from under the covers

Do you think of what the next skit is gonna be and how there should be more skits of Kenan and Kel in All That

Do you think about how Snick actually listened to you when you asked for more skits with Kenan and Kel while watching Kenan and Kel

Or is it something else that comes to mind,When you hear retro do you think of the places you went

Do you think about going to Places Like....

DZ (Discovery Zone)

and Winning a POWER RANGERS WALLET from their Selection of games

Do you think about waiting in line at McDonalds to get your happy meal, but really just the toy

Do you think about the smell of cheese slowly melting on your pizza while your playing games and playing in the tunnels at Chuck E Cheese.

Or are you the kinda person who thinks about how much money you had converted to quarters so you could spend your weekend at an arcade, which really, home consoles were kind of making this pointless but still i did when i wanted out of the house

But theres always the case where just being out of the house isnt enough..i think you know what im getting at here...
When you here Retro do you think about spending time

(if you ever had a water balloon war like

(backyard baseball)

(Football in the Park

(haha Bike riding)

Or Does Retro bring you back to sitting in front of the Tv after school, or saturday mornings

Shows like...




Those are just some of the few i thought stuck out, there were Literally HUNDREDS more AMAZING shows out there on Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network and Kids WB and Fox Kids and some shows on Fox Family.....i could go on forever, but when you think Retro you HAVE to think Tv at some point or another

(WTF....Steve and Blue....)

Like i said, when you think Retro you have to think of TV and some point...BUT you dont always just have to think about watching it...

(ok kick ass is this N64 )
ZOMG....Tie Fighter N64

yes, i know everyone on here knows that those glorious Consoles up there probably have some of the best moments in your life, and you think about them ALOT when you think Retro...but what good would they be without....


Then again...i suppose after you beat your games about 50 times they get old, then what could not the lame kind either...

You also Find Retro in Hobbies

theres Plenty of Retro in Action Figures

(While im on the subject...why the hell is the white rangers action figure with these assholes...)

Basically the point im getting at is...Retro is anything that you look at and say " HEY I REMEMBER THAT"

Retro is anything on those slow days where your sitting around and say " Hey whatever happened to that one show with those Mice that Rode Motorcycles?" or " you know what show i havent seen in forever..legends of the hidden temple...or the Adventures of Pete and Pete..." And so on and so on

RETRO basically is what you make it

RETRO is what makes us who we are

RETRO is a never ending cycle

Thank you for your time

now im just gonna show my finale of alot of Pics of anything and everything thats on my mind......


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