My Favorite toy of the 80s

All about my favorite 1980s action figures
March 04, 2013
While I might not be the best with witty prose, let me take you on a trip down memory lane with one of my favorite childhood toys.

The Galoob Golden Girls were a line of action figures designed for us girls. Not totally unlike She-Ra, the Golden Girls were larger and came with a line of clothing for parties and one called "Forest Fantasy".

I was a very lucky girl too. I remember taking many trips on visits to my mom's house to the Woolworth's where I'd get a new figure. I had them all at one point. The photo you see are the only two that were saved by my dad who gave them to me a few years ago.

The Golden Girl line had a castle called Palace of the Gems. The palace had features like a mirror and a plastic reflecting pool-looking object (that I just assumed was a pool). I had the castle and both horses with the chariots. The cool thing about the horses was the fact that the eyes lit up. The white one had a light up unicorn horn while the black one featured a light up gem on its forehead.

Each of the "good" Golden Girls were named after different gemstones. The ones pictured are named Sapphire and Onyx. is my photostream where I have a couple of other shots of the same figures.The figures all came with a cape, a small plastic comb, and a shield that had a fake jem that also could be used as a brooch.
There was also a line of "evil" figures with names like Wild One, Vultura, Moth Lady, and Dragon Queen. They also came with a cape, plastic comb, and a shield/brooch.

Galoob also produced a line of corresponding coloring books and a plastic carrying case to hold all of the action figures. I did not own the books or case--just the horses and castle playset.

This line of toys was so fantastic and I had hours of fun playing out my own version of Red Sonia type adventures! Sadly, this great toy was only produced for about a year or so before disappearing into obscurity.
What were some of your favorite girl action figures?

Additional info:
(Lair on Storm Isle--info and pictures of Golden Girl items)
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