Top 10 Nick Shows of the 90's

my pick For the top 10 nick shows of the 90s
January 11, 2008
My pick for the top 10 Nickelodeon shows for the 90's

10 Rocket Power

A show based around extreme sports, friendship, and conquering the ups and downs of life, Rocket Power involves the daily situations of a group of friends living in the fictitious town of Ocean Shores.This show had a very good purpose and was very funny.

9 Rocko's Modern Life

Rocko's Modern Life is a Nicktoon that aired for four seasons from 1993 to 1997. The show was based around the surreal, parodic adventures of an anthropomorphic wallaby named Rocko, and his life in the city of O-Town. It was the fourth series released in the Nicktoons group, and the first to be introduced since the original three were introduced in August 1991.This show had a personality with all the fans and had a very good purpose.


KaBlam! is an series that ran on Nickelodeon from 1996 to 2000. It features a collection of short films in several different styles of animation, bridged by the characters of Henry and June, who introduce the shorts and have adventures of their own in-between.This show spun off many other hit 90's shows. Action League Now!,Prometheus and Bob,Angela Anaconda, and others.


GUTS was a 30-minute "action-sports" game show that aired for four seasons on Nickelodeon from 1992 to 1995. Mike O'Malley presided as host; Moira Quirk (often called Mo) was the referee.Three children or teenagers competed in four athletic events at the "Extreme Arena" for points. First place in each event was worth 300 points. Second place received 200 points and third place earned 100. The contestants were dressed in three colors: blue, red, and purple. Some events were based on skills in popular sports, such as basketball, baseball, football and soccer. Others made use of a wave pool, and sometimes a racing track was used. During the show's run, more creative and ambitious events were invented, including a fabricated ski slope and the famous "Peak to Peak." Each event was said to allow the contestants to "live out some of their greatest sports fantasies" in a competitive arena. After the first event, one of the three players was asked to "Spill Your GUTS" between the remaining events. In season one, Mike talked about the player and his or her athletic and non-athletic interests. In season two, Moira discussed the player's interests, and also mentioned what GUTS equaled to that player. In season three, during a brief pre-recorded segment, the players introduced themselves and reveal their athletic and non-athletic interests, what GUTS meant to them, why they were excited to be on GUTS, and/or usually also give a shout-out to their friends and family back home. On Global GUTS, the contestants introduced themselves here as well; non-English speakers introduced themselves in their native language, and a translator did an English voice-over for them. This show was the Nickelodeon version of American Gladiators.

6.Legends Of the Hidden Temple

Legends of the Hidden Temple was a physical challenge game show hosted by Kirk Fogg that aired on Nickelodeon from 1993 to 1995. The show was produced by Stone Stanley Productions in association with Nick. Each episode featured six teams of two children (one boy and one girl) competing for prizes. The show incorporated physical stunts, as well as questions based on topics related to history, mythology, and geography. This show was very well produced and managed that is why i gave it 6th best.

5. Figure It Out

Figure It Out is a Nickelodeon game show hosted by Summer Sanders. Kids with special skills or unique achievements compete as contestants on the show while a panel of four Nickelodeon celebrities compete against the clock as they try to guess the predetermined phrase that describes the contestant's talent.

4. Kenan and Kel

Kenan & Kel is an award-winning American sitcom that aired on Nickelodeon from August 17, 1996 to April 1, 2000. The show starred comedy duo Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell. The show centered around a character Kenan Rockmore, a high schooler who works at Rigby's mini grocery store. Kel Kimble is his orange soda-loving friend. Chris Potter is Kenan's boss. At Kenan's home there is his mother Sheryl, his bald father Roger, and his Kel-loving sister Kyra. By 1998 the show introduced Sharla. Sharla works with Kenan at Rigby's. Chris hired her to help Kenan out.Kenan and Kel are one of the Best comedy duos on Nickelodeon.

3. Doug

Doug is an Emmy-winning American animated sitcom that aired on Nickelodeon, and starred 6th grader Douglas Yancey Funnie.The show premiered on Nickelodeon on August 11, 1991, where it ran until December 16, 1994 and in reruns until 1999, being the first Nicktoon. The original version was moved to Nickelodeon's sister-station Noggin, and later to Nicktoons TV, where it ended in 2005. These seasons were produced between 1991 and 1994.

2. All That

All That is a live-action, sketch comedy-variety show that aired on Nickelodeon from 1994-2005. It drew favorable comparisons to Saturday Night Live and Mad TV for its short comedic sketches and weekly musical guests. It's most notable for starting the careers of Kenan Thompson, Kel Mitchell, Amanda Bynes, Nick Cannon, and many others. The theme song for All That was performed by TLC. This show is mostly known for what Nickelodian was about and is one of the best shows of its time.

1. Rugrats

The Best Klasky-Clapso cartoon ever made. Rugrats is an animated television series that aired on Nickelodeon and was one of the first three Nicktoons, beginning in 1991. The series aired 12 seasons with a usual hiatus in the summer but however, very few episodes have aired in the summertime. This show got #29 in the 100 best cartoon list issued in 2006 and is the best Nicktoon ever.

This is my pick for the top 10 Nick Shows of the 90's please comment and tell me your top 10. Thank You for reading.
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